Hangatnya Yogyakarta


Lovely Yogyakarta

People says that Yogyakarta was made by smiles and longing. A right expression for this “gudeg city”. A place that full of modesty, comforts, and warmth.


wayang jogja

Home for The Art and Cultures

Take your time and discover Yogyakarta more, and you will see a lot of art and cultures. You can see the original batik with various styles, or dance freely with the sound of angklung, in the Malioboro Street. Well, Yogyakarta always can amazed you and make you stay longer.

Found a New Experience, and New Friend

Who says that Yogyakarta is just about bakpia and Malioboro? There are a lot of things you can find here. Go a little bit further to the south and you will find a new experience that might amazed you. And, it is not impossible that you can also find a new friend in there.

There are lots of cool beach you can visit. Drini Beach, Siung Beach, are one of the coolest white sand beach in this region. Do you want to see a beautiful cliffs and mini waterfall? Jogan Beach is a right place to go. Want a fun and challenging place? You can find it in Yogyakarta, as well. Yes, you can try tube rafting in Goa Pindul.

Try visiting the beautiful pine forest in Mangunan. It’s not to far from the Goa Pindul and the Southern Beach. Not only enjoying the fresh view, in this place, you can also see the whole Yogyakarta from above! Cool, isn’t it?


Go to the west side of Yogyakarta, and you will find lots of beautiful historical temples. From Prambanan Temple, Borobudur, into the instagram-able Breksi Cliff.

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