Shortest and Longest Fast Duration Around the World

Longest Fast Duration – During the month of Ramadan, all Muslims throughout the world practice fasting. Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam that must be carried out during the month of Ramadan by refraining from eating, drinking, and all other things that cancel.

Fasting starts when the Fajr call to prayer until the sun sets or Maghrib, which is marked by sunset prayer. But, because of the differences in the time of day and night in various countries, the duration of fasting can vary.

Countries with Longest Fast Duration

For some of you who live in Indonesia, you must be familiar with the duration of fasting in your own country. During Ramadan, you usually have to fast for about 13 hours. But do you know that there are countries out there with a duration of fasting of up to 20 hours?

Longest Fasting Duration

It is arguably that you are lucky enough because you live in an area with a short duration of fasting. But how does it feel, if you have to fast, not eat and not drink for about 20 hours?

Well, if you want to know which country has the longest duration of fasting in the world, you can see the table below. For the record, the time that shown below can be different from the actual time, aka estimation.

In addition, the time shown below is also taken from the first day of Ramadan fasting. So, the time of the Fajr and Maghrib might change every day. It can be longer, or even shorter.

Fasting Schedules in Several Countries in the World

CountryCityFajrMaghribFasting Duration
GreenlandNuuk02:1422:0819,9 hours
FinlandHelsinki02:4521:3218,8 hours
NorwayOslo02:4321:2418,7 hours
SwedenStockholm02:1520:5118,6 hours
RussiaMoscow02:0320:1718,2 hours
DenmarkCopenhagen02:4420:5618,2 hours
GermanyBerlin02:5520:5718 hours
PolandWarsaw02:1520:0817,9 hours
EnglandLondon02:4020:3217,9 hours
BelgiumBrussels03:2421:1017,8 hours
SwissBern04:0020:4616,8 hours
FranceParis05:0121:1216,2 hours
CanadaOttawa04:0720:1516,1 hours
ItalyRome04:1120:1316 hours
SpainMadrid05:2321:1515,9 hours
ChinaBeijing03:2519:1315,8 hours
TurkeyAnkara03:5719:4815,8 hours
United StatesNew York04:2219:5715,6 hours
South KoreaSeoul03:5119:2715,6 hours
JapanTokyo03:0818:3215,4 hours
IndiaNew Delhi04:1019:0014,8 hours
Saudi ArabiaRiyadh03:5018:2614,6 hours
ThailandBangkok04:4018:3513,9 hours
MalaysiaKuala Lumpur05:4319:1813,6 hours
SingaporeSingapore05:3719:0713,5 hours
IndonesiaJakarta04:3417:4613,2 hours
ArgentinaBuenos Aires06:0818:0712 hours
AustraliaCanberra05:1817:1712 hours


Interested in Trying to Fast for 19 Hours?

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