Labuan Bajo Tourism Object


8 Tourism Object in Labuan Bajo, Find a Memorable Holiday in Here

Labuan Bajo Tourism Object – Labuan Bajo has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers because of the beauty of nature and the sea. The attractions of Labuan Bajo are very diverse, not only Komodo Island. Labuan Bajo itself is located in West Nusa Tenggara, and is the capital of West Manggarai.

The Labuan Bajo tourist attraction is famous for being hyped as the best island for snorkeling after Raja Ampat. It has amazing sea and natural potential, no wonder that until now Labuan Bajo has always been enlivened by local and foreign tourists.

Not only Komodo Island, you really need to know everything about the Labuan Bajo tourism object that are no less beautiful and interesting with Komodo Island. Well, if you intend to fill your vacation time on this island, here is a list of tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo that you can make tourist destinations there.

Labuan Bajo Tourism Object

1. Komodo Island

Komodo Island is indeed an island that is so close to the attractions of Labuan Bajo. In fact, this island is worldwide! On this island, you can take a vacation while seeing the only wildlife of ancient animals, that is Komodo. Vacationing on this Labuan Bajo tourism object is indeed unique.

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Here, you will be invited to explore the forest and climb the hill to be able to see the lives of the Komodo dragons. Don’t forget to comply with existing regulations, it will make you stay safe.

2. Kambing Island / Goat Island

Unlike its name, there is no farm or a group of goats on Goat Island. Come to this place, you will be presented with amazing views of the beach. Even though it is a small island, this tourist attraction in Labuan Bajo can give you an unforgettable experience!

On Goat Island, you can feel sailing in green sea water that is very clean and beautiful. Not only that, you can also feel other water activities such as snorkeling and swimming. Anyway, if you go to Labuan Bajo, you have to come to this island.

3. Pink Beach

Not only Lombok, Labuan Bajo also has a beautiful Pink Beach tourist attraction. Pink Beach is also known as the Red Beach by the surrounding community. Do you know, that Pink Beach is one of the 7 pink beaches in the world?

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The beautiful underwater scenery with a variety of beautiful marine life such as rocks, various types of fish, and so on, it makes this beach a favorite destination for water activities, such as snorkeling, diving, or sailing.

4. Rinca Island

The second largest island after Komodo Island will take you to an unusual holiday experience. If on Komodo Island you can only see Komodo from a great distance, then on this island you can see it from a closer distance.

Carrying the theme of nature, the animals in this location are left wild. Not only Komodo, but you can also see other types of animals such as deer, wild boar, and buffalo. Visiting this tourist attraction in Labuan Bajo, don’t cause noise that can disturb animals here. Because it will be dangerous for you.

5. Wae Rebo

Not only the beach, visiting Flores Island can give you a different holiday experience. Wae Rebo, or what is also known as the Land above the Clouds, will give you the most memorable vacation. Because, you can find a common Flores traditional house named Mbaru Niang, or a palm-roofed, cone-shaped house.

Even though the trip to Wae Rebo is not easy, but you will get comparable experience and pleasure anyway. In this place, you can also interact directly with the surrounding community, learn about the value of life, culture, and the meaning of struggle from a different perspective.

6. Bena Village

Just like Wae Rebo, Kampung Bena or Bena Village is one of the villages that are still thick with its customs. Even though the track is not easy, but it will feel worth it to visit this place. You will feel that you are in the megalithic era when you enter Bena Village located in Tiwuriwu Village, Jerebuu District, Ngada Regency.

You can also buy cloth from the surrounding community that is very interesting and can be a souvenir too. For the price offered is very diverse, ranging from Rp. 75,000 to hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

7. Rangko Cave

You want to go vacation in Labuan Bajo with beautiful scenery, but not the beach? Well, you can visit the Rangko Cave located in Rangko Village, Boleng District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This cave will provide a panorama of clear and blue springs.

Labuan Bajo Tourism Object

This Labuan Bajo tourist attraction will certainly provide a different holiday experience. To get to the Rangko Cave, you have to rent a car and a boat to be able to cross and see the hidden natural beauty of this one.

8. Sawah Lingko / Lingko Rice Field

Another local wisdom owned by Flores. Sawah Lingko or a rice field with a shape that resembles a spider’s web has become a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists. Green rice fields with cool air become the perfect combination for anyone who visits this rice field.

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