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Korean Traditional Food, Try This When You Vacation to South Korea

Korean Traditional Food – When traveling to a city or country, what are you most looking for from that city or country? First, of course, is a tourist spot in that place right? Just like when you want to go to South Korea, of course, the tourist attractions in that country will enter your travel list.

In addition to tourist attractions, there are other interesting things you can explore while in South Korea. For example, Korean food that you must taste when you are there. Even though there are so many traditional foods or Korean restaurants that open branches in Indonesia. Surely it will be different by tasting it directly in the home country.

Well, for you who are going on vacation in South Korea, has a list of foods that you must taste when you are in Korea. Anyway, you have to take the time to be able to taste it right away. Do you want to know what is it? Here it is 6 lists of Korean traditional food that you must taste when in South Korea.

Korean Traditional Food, Don’t Forget To Taste It!

Indeed, there are a lot of South Korean foods that you can taste directly while on vacation in South Korea. Starting from Korean food that is sold on street food, until in the expensive restaurants. Here is a list of foods that you must try when you go on vacation to Korea.

1. Odeng

Odeng is a South Korean snack made from fish and flour mixture. This Korean food also has a variety of shapes, such as round, oval, to form like a folded sheet. This one food is the most favorite food to eat at night and during cold weather.

Korean Traditional Food - Odeng

This food is also usually eaten along with the soup made from a decoction of seaweed and also vegetable broth. This soup from Odeng can provide a sensation to warm the body. So it is suitable to be consumed on cold evenings. You can find Odeng in various food stalls in South Korea, ranging from street food to expensive restaurants.

2. Yangnyeom Chicken

If you watch Korean Dramas, you will often see the scenes of the actors eating fried chicken with special spices that make it drool right? Well, in South Korea, there is a lot of fried chicken food that you can taste, one of which is Yangnyeom Chicken.

Yangnyeom Chicken is a fried chicken that is a traditional South Korean food cooked with special spices. Fried chicken is also known as seasoned chicken, which is made using chili sauce and Korean chili paste, gochujang. When going to Korea, don’t forget to taste this one mainstay menu, buddy.

3. Jjamppong

Spicy lovers, you can try this one-of-a-kind South Korean food menu. Jjamppong is a Korean version of spicy noodles served with a mixture of seafood and vegetables. The spicy taste of the noodle soup comes from red pepper powder known as the gochugaru.

This food menu also has a level, but for your information, at the lowest level of this food can still make your tongue feel burn! So, if you can’t eat spicy food, don’t try to order this menu.

4. Nakji Bokkeum

Do you know if there is a food menu in Korea called Sannakji? Yep, this food menu is octopus which is served alive with sesame oil or sesame seeds. Hmm, this food includes a fairly extreme food menu. Of course, not everyone will also be able to try this menu.

Well, if you are an octopus lover, it’s better if you try the food menu from Nakji Bokkeum’s cooked octopus baby. This baby octopus is boiled and given spicy seasoning, it seems you can eat more delicious. When you go to Korea, don’t forget to try this menu.

5. Gimbap

Gimbap or Kimbap is a very famous seaweed rice roll in South Korea. You can find this food in various food stalls in South Korea. In fact, this Gimbap is used as a simple food menu that is usually brought as stock, both for picnics or going to school and work.

For the mixture of Gimbap it is also very varied, which consists of rice, eggs, vegetables, meat, cheese, and then rolled with a layer of seaweed. The same making as Japanese sushi, makes Gimbap referred to as Sushi from Korea. You can make this food as a menu to save costs when in Korea.

6. Naengmyeon

When you hear the noodle soup, of course the first thing that crosses your mind is that the soup is warm and delicious to eat during winter, right? However, this time it’s different. Because Naengmyeon is a North Korean wheat noodle served with cold beef broth.

Korean Traditional Food - Naengmyeon

Yup, this North Korean noodle is very well known in South Korea, and it’s become a Korean food that must be tasted. The ice cubes in this noodle bowl are frozen beef broth, you know. Really interesting, right?

Of the six food lists above, which food that makes you can’t wait to taste it? Still planning to go on vacation to Korea and still prepare for everything? Or you wanna go to another country? Maybe Japan can be your destination for vacation, don’t forget to check Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast for Spring 2019for the perfect time to go on holiday.

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