Japanese Souvenirs


Japanese Souvenirs, Things that You Should Bring Back Home

Japanese Souvenirs – Vacationing to a city or even a country is not complete if you don’t bring some souvenirs to bring back home. This seems to be a tradition for anyone who makes a travel plan.

Do you agree? If you traveling somewhere and not bringing any souvenir for your family or relatives way back home, it’s not as complete as it supposed to be. If yes, you’re not alone, buddy.

Because, bringing some souvenirs is one form of your attention to the closest people. However, you don’t need to force yourself to buy all the souvenirs that are there.

Japanese Souvenirs, Which One Should You Buy?

Speaking of souvenirs, this time we want to discuss about Japanese souvenirs that you can bring for your family at home. There are many choices of Japanese souvenirs that are interesting, unique, and also inexpensive.

Japan is a country that has many unique things. Starting from its culture, tradition, to the habits carried out by the community. Besides that, tourist attractions in Japan are also one of the reasons that there are so many tourists come here.

Well, for those of you who are on vacation in Japan, or even those who are planning to go there later and are confused about choosing souvenirs for nearby people, then this is a reference for you to choose Japanese souvenirs.

1. Chopsticks

Chopsticks are one of the items that can be a choice of Japanese souvenirs. The price is relatively cheap and you can buy in large amounts. This is especially true for those of you who have to give a lot of souvenirs to many office mates.

Japanese Souvenirs

Giving a chopstick with unique images typical of Japan can be the right choice for you. So you don’t need to be confused anymore if you have to give a lot of souvenirs to friends, relatives, to colleagues in the office. Japan has many beautiful and unique chopstick choices.

2. Makeup Products

This type of souvenir is indeed more suitable for women. Japan has become one of the countries known for its makeup and skin care products. So, don’t be surprised if you go to Japan and your female friends will ask you to to bring back some makeup products.

Japanese Souvenirs

Usually, the price of makeup or skin care products in this country is a bit cheaper. Unlike when you buy those products in Indonesia. So, it’s no wonder that there will be lots of your female friends asking you to bring these as Japanese souvenirs.

3. Tenugui

Tenugui is other kind of Japanese souvenirs that you can choose to buy. Tenugui itself is a Japanese style towel that has many functions. Usually it is used to wipe your face, hands, or can also be used as a head cover.

Japanese Souvenirs

The towels are made from cotton with a variety of unique and attractive motifs to choose from. In addition, this Tenugui can also be used as Japanese souvenirs that are suitable for women or men. So, you only need to choose the motive.

4. Japanese Snacks

Japanese food or snacks can also be Japanese souvenirs that must be put in your list of things to bring home from Japan. There are many snack choices that you can buy. For example, like Chokobi, Koala March, Baby Star Ramen, Kit Kat, Tokyo Banana, and many more.

Japanese Souvenirs

Besides that, you can buy this gift in very large quantities. That way, you can give it evenly to all your friends, relatives, and family.

5. Edo Furin

Edo Furin or wind chimes are also typical Japanese souvenirs. In Japan, Furin is symbolized as a talisman to avoid a plague during summer. For that, do not be surprised if when you go to Japan you will see some Furin hanging on some houses.

Japanese Souvenirs

The shape is quite unique and can make sound when blown by the wind. Furin has many types, motifs, and beautiful colors that are suitable for souvenirs for your partner or female friend.

6. Bath Powder

Bathing powder is a popular product choice to be used as Japanese souvenirs by tourists who come here. Besides the cheap price, you will also feel the sensation of taking a Japanese-style bath that provide many benefits.

Japanese Souvenirs

In fact, there are currently many types of Bath Powder with Japanese food flavor variants. Very unique, right?

7. Fridge Magnet

Do you still want to find other unique Japanese souvenirs? Then you can buy fridge magnets. Although there are also so many fridge magnet in Indonesia, but it still feels different right, if you bring it straight from Japan?

Japanese Souvenirs

The design of a typical Japanese fridge magnet also has a unique shape. You can find so many shapes like sushi, sashimi, to other forms that really describe Japan.

8. Accessories

No less interesting, you can choose Japanese accessories as a souvenir when returning from Japan. Accessories that you can choose can be plates, beautiful glasses, displays, wallets, fans, bags and clothes.

Japanese Souvenirs

So, you don’t need to be confused about what souvenirs you can bring home after you go on vacation in Japan. Because there are many choices of accessories from Japan that you can choose.

9. Action Figure

Japanese Souvenirs

Action Figures are also popular Japanese souvenirs, especially for those who like action figures so much. Usually, for action figure collectors, Japan is a paradise because there are so many collections available here.

10. Yukata

Japanese Souvenirs

Yukata in Japanese means clothes after bathing. Yup, this outfit is really good for being a cloth to cover your body after you bathe. With thin cotton fabric, of course, it can give your body a cooler feel when using it. You can buy this as a Japanese souvenirs to your close friends or family.

Of the 10 Japanese souvenirs mentioned above, which one would you choose as a gift when going to Japan? Speaking of souvenirs, you can also get the reference for 10 most unique Balinese souvenirs. Go to Japan, don’t forget to book cheap flight tickets to Japan at tiket.com.