Destinasi Instagramable di Malang


Most Instagrammable Spots in Malang for A Unique Feeds

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Instagrammable Destinations in Malang for those of you who are hooked on photos

For those of you who are going on vacation to Malang in the near future, here we have prepared cool list of instagrammable destinations in Malang that you can visit. In these places you can take as many photos as you like for a better worthy-feeds!

Take advantage of your camera as well as possible, cause Malang has many amazing spots that you can capture. All packed in a scenery of Malang started from its beautiful beach, to a spectacular mountain. You can find it in Malang.

1. Jodipan Village

We start the Instagrammable destination in Malang with this colorful place. The place is called Kampung Jodipan or Jodipan Village. Since the drastic changes made by local residents, this village has became one of the top attractions in Malang City.

Instagrammable destinations in Malang

A few years ago, this place was an area that was fairly slum with a location adjacent to the river. However, the creative initiative of the local people managed to change this place to be very cool and make everyone who’s coming here take uncountable photos.

In addition to the walls of the house painted in various colors, in this place there are also a number of 3D images and murals such as sharks, gorillas, and t-Rex which are interesting as your photo background for the gram.

2. Angkut Museum

If you really like four-wheeled vehicles, a.k.a cars, then you can come to the Angkut Museum on Jalan Sultan Agung No. 2, Ngaglik, Batu City Malang. Here you can see and also take photos next to the antique cars.

Instagrammable destinations in Malang

All collections of vehicles in Museum Angkut are still very well maintained so you can admire the design, color, and engine of each car. Besides that, in here you can also learn a lot about the development of transportation equipment from the past until today.

More than that, Museum Angkut also displays other transportation such as motorcycles, bicycles, and even aircraft. Of course you can’t miss the uniqueness of this place as an Instagrammable destination in Malang.

3. Mount Bromo

If you are looking for an Instagrammable place in Malang that also provides a challenging vibe, then you are very obliged to come to Mount Bromo. At an altitude of about 2300 meters above sea level, there is a super charming scenery that you won’t regret to come.

Destinasi Instagramable di Malang

Of course it’s not easy to reach that height. You have to go through a challenging terrain for 3-4 hours by vehicle. But once you reach the top, you’ll find an extraordinary view!

If you think about how to get a cool Instagram post, come to this mountain before dawn, around 2 AM in the morning. The scenery of sunrise at Mt. Bromo gives you a goosebumps. Wanna try?

4. Banyu Anjlok

One more natural beauty from Malang is that Banyu Anjlok. The location is quite hidden so not many tourists come here. This is the perfect combination of waterfalls and beaches.

Instagrammable destinations in Malang

Aside from the fact that the place is quite secluded, it makes you feel like you’re in a private island. To go there, you have to travel approximately 3-4 hours before you can reach this place.

Don’t worry because this place can still be accessed using a vehicle so you don’t need to walk too far. After going through a winding route, then nature will welcome you to this Instagrammable destination in Malang.

5. East Java Park (Jatim Park)

The next instagrammable destinations in Malang is Jatim Park. Even though this playground is located in Batu City, you can visit it by using a private vehicle for about one hour from Malang City.

Destinasi Instagramable di Malang

Here you can do many activities, not only hunt insta-worthy photos, but also try various exciting attractions available in this place. Not only that, your little one will definitely be happy to be invited here because they can be satisfied to play and also learn at the place of education.

East Java Park itself is divided into three different regions with different charm of each region. If you have a whole day, you can really spend your vacation here from morning to night.

6. Sempu Island

Another Instagrammable destination in Malang that makes you feel you are on a private island because of its secluded location is Sempu Island. This small island located around the southern coast of Malang City has very exotic natural scenery.

Destinasi Instagramable di Malang

Here you can relax while enjoying the view of turquoise sea water surrounded by very fertile plants around it and the calm of blue sky. A very nice and quite place to refresh your mind.

To go to Sempu Island, you have to travel approximately 70 km to the south from Malang. The island is only about 3.9 km and a width of 3.9 km, but for sure, you won’t regret coming here.

7. Mount Semeru

Semeru or also known as Mahameru is a mountain which is located not far from Malang City. Not only as the highest peak of Java Island, this mountain also holds a lot of amazing views for you.

Destinasi Instagramable di Malang

To reach its peak, you need at least a few days. However, you don’t need to worry because you can stay overnight using tents at several available checkpoints.

At its peak, you will see a scene that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Looking at Java from a height is certainly very mesmerizing. Don’t forget to capture the moment because Semeru is the coolest Instagrammable destination in Malang, not everyone can get to the top!

Let’s Go Directly to Malang!

That’s all, 7 Instagrammable destinations in Malang that you can’t miss. If you go to Malang and look for good spots for photos, then you can visit those places. Going to Malang is cheaper if you order train tickets at with its interesting promotion. Happy holiday to Malang!