Indonesian Cultural Festival


Check These 8 Most Awaited Indonesian Cultural Festivals in 2019

Indonesian Cultural Festival – Indonesia has many different tribes and cultures. Therefore, the Indonesian people have a very famous slogan, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which means “unity in diversity”. In addition, this diversity also makes the Indonesian state have a lot of festivals, events and cultural ceremonies.

Indonesian Cultural Festival that You Must Attend

In almost all parts of Indonesia, you can find a great selection of festivals to witness. If you want to go on vacation and attend one of the cultural festivals in Indonesia, then the list below can help you find inspiration and also prepare a trip to be able to come and participate in the festival. Let’s look at the list!

1. Indonesia’s Independence Day.

Indonesian Cultural Festival

Not only in Indonesia, basically independence day is always welcomed with joy in almost all countries in the world. The Indonesian nation celebrates Indonesia’s independence day on August 17th. On that date there will be several Indonesian cultural festival that you can find in almost every city. Even in some places there are those who enliven it by raising the national flag on the top of the mountain, or at the bottom of the sea.

2. Dieng Culture Festival

Indonesian Cultural Festival

Dieng is one of the most popular highlands in Indonesia. Here you can see the amazing scenery coupled with the surrounding residents who are very friendly. Dieng has a tradition of holding a unique ritual called ruwatan.

Being an interesting cultural festival in Indonesia, Ruwatan is a procession of cutting dreads from a child so that the child can have offspring with normal hair later. The hair is then flowed into the river which empties to the south as a symbol that the hair has been returned to its origin. In addition, at this festival there are also other performances such as Rodad & Lengger dance, Warokan, wayang kulit, and the release of lanterns.

3. Sekaten

Indonesian Cultural Festival

Sekaten is an Indonesian cultural festival originating from Javanese cultural customs. The festival is usually held for one week by holding night markets. Sekaten is held to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad every year which starts on the 5th day to the 12th day of the month of Rabiul Awal on the Islamic calendar.

The Sekaten Festival is usually held in the Alun-Alun Utara of the Keraton Yogyakarta and also the Alun-Alun Utara of the Keraton Surakarta. The main event of the Sekaten festival is Grebeg Maulid which is held on the 12th day and starts in the morning.

4. Baliem Valley Festival

Indonesian Cultural Festival

This Indonesian cultural festival is called the Baliem Valley Festival which is usually held around August by a number of different tribes in Papua. This festival is very well known even among foreign tourists, and make them curious and want to come and watch this festival.

There is a belief that war is not just a mere conflict, but also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. This festival is usually celebrated by conducting mock-battle between local tribes, with more than 20 different tribes. Each tribe carries 30 to 50 people wearing traditional warfare clothing and equipment. Not only that, at this festival there are also several other performances such as traditional dances and games, as well as regional food exhibitions.

5. Tomohon Flower Festival

The Tomohon Flower Festival is a world-class festival held every year in Tomohon, North Sulawesi. This Indonesian cultural festival was first held in 2006 every two years. But in 2014, the government designated this event as an annual event.

The festival consists of four main events which include a parade of decorated vehicles, a Queen of Flowers contest, a Floriculture Exhibition, and cultural and artistic performances. In addition there are also other events such as seminars and talk shows that discuss tourism.

6. Rambu Solo Festival

Indonesian Cultural Festival

The Rambu Solo Festival is basically an ordinary death ritual held in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. This ritual is held to honor the spirits who have died. The spirit returned to eternity along with its ancestors in realm named Puyo.

This Indonesian cultural festival is arguably the most eagerly awaited festival in Sulawesi. This is because the festival is held for several days followed by a number of other ceremonies. Although the festival is a funeral procession, local residents are used to tourists and even welcome them as guests.

7. Jailolo Bay Festival

The Jailolo Bay Festival is an annual event held by residents of West Halmahera. This festival usually consists of several events such as purifying the sea as an opening ritual, and then followed by other events to show the beauty of eastern Indonesia.

In addition, this Indonesian cultural festival also held a underwater photograph competition that was very interesting to visitors both domestic and foreign photographers. This festival is in great demand by divers and photographers from various regions.

8. Pasola Festival

Indonesian Cultural Festival

Pasola is an Indonesian cultural festival in the form of a thank-you ceremony to ancestral spirits and originating from West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. The festival which is held around February and March involved two selected Sumba people from different groups. They will ride a decorated horse and throw wood spears at each other.

This festival is indeed very dangerous, because often the spear hits the horse rider. But in Sumba’s belief, spilled blood is believed to be able to fertilize the soil and multiply rice yields.

Celebrate the Festival with Excitement!

Being a country that has many customs and cultures makes Indonesia has many interesting traditional events. You can use some of the Indonesian cultural festivals mentioned above as a reference for a vacation plan and visit an area to watch the ongoing festival. In addition to the festival, see also the amazing underwater view in Indonesia. Booking cheap hotels at can help you reduce your expenses on vacation.