7 Kota Destinasi Wisata Kuliner di Indonesia


7 Indonesian Culinary Tourism Destinations, Yummy!

When vacationing to a place there is one thing that is always done besides visiting tourist attractions, which is eating. Each region has a dish that represents its characteristics and hereditary inheritance from generation to generation. When planning a vacation in the near future, there are many interesting Indonesian culinary destinations to roam. Do you want to know what that is? Check out the list below!

7 Indonesian Culinary Tourism Destinations

1. Medan

7 Kota Destinasi Wisata Kuliner di Indonesia - Medan

The first city of Indonesia’s culinary tourism destination that we will discuss is Medan. For ticket friends who come from this city, it is definitely no stranger to foods such as Mie Gomak, a typical Medan noodle dish whose shape is large and usually served with lontong sauce or with peanut sauce. This noodle is only made in North Sumatra and for sobat tiket who want to try it, can stop by the Pasar Balige area.

2. Surabaya

7 Kota Destinasi Wisata Kuliner di Indonesia - Surabaya

Being the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, the city of Surabaya serves a lot of legendary cuisines that must be tried. As an Indonesian culinary destination, when you come here there are some good foods like, Sate Klopo which is chicken meat that stabbed using bamboo and burned to a bit burnt and served with peanut sauce or soy sauce. One more culinary must try when going to Surabaya is Zangrandi Ice Cream which has become one of the oldest ice cream dishes in Surabaya since 1930.

3. Bandung

7 Kota Destinasi Wisata Kuliner di Indonesia - Bandung

Speaking of the city of Bandung, there’s no need to doubt if you want a culinary tour. Is one of Indonesia’s diverse culinary tourism destinations, Bandung is famous for traditional culinary to the modern which is the creativity of its people. Just say, Nasi Tutug oncom in the form of processed rice is burned with oncom spices and served with sambal, fresh vegetables and chicken. In addition, do not forget also try Bandung’s street food such as, Cilok, Cireng or Batagor which must satisfy your tongue

4. Yogyakarta

7 Kota Destinasi Wisata Kuliner di Indonesia - Yogyakarta

Hearing the word “angkringan” the first time that occurred in the mind of the sobat tiket was the city of Yogyakarta. If you plan to choose an Indonesian culinary destination, then Yogyakarta must be included in your list. A variety of foods to delicious drinks such as Gudeg, which are young jackfruit vegetables cooked for hours with coconut milk with a sweet taste and served with boiled eggs, coconut milk and sambal krecek. After tasting Gudeg, don’t forget to warm yourself up by eating Wedang Ronde, which is warm ginger water served with sticky rice balls filled with beans.

5. Makassar

7 Kota Destinasi Wisata Kuliner di Indonesia - Makassar

If you want an eastern Indonesian culinary tourist destination, Makassar is the right city for sobat tiket. This city has a lot of delicious culinary rich in spices, call it Coto Makassar, which is thick beef meat soup and then Konro in the form of beef boiled with cinnamon spices. The second serving of the soup is perfect for eating with warm white rice. Satisfied with enjoying a soup dish, don’t forget to taste the typical Makassar dessert, namely Es Palu Butung, which is a slice sweet banana wrapped in a green dough and served with condensed milk, sweet porridge, and red syrup.

6. Malang

7 Kota Destinasi Wisata Kuliner di Indonesia - Malang

Being a city on the island of Java surrounded by mountainous areas, Malang is an Indonesian culinary tourist destination that turns out to be mandatory to visit. Who doesn’t know about Malang Meatballs? This food contains meatballs, dumplings, tofu contents, fried pentol served warmly with broth. Suitable to warm sobat tiket’s body in the cold air of Malang city. If you want to taste the sweet, the sobat tiket can try Puthu Lanang cake, which is rice cake containing brown sugar and cooked by steaming. Delicious!

7. Palembang

7 Kota Destinasi Wisata Kuliner di Indonesia - Palembang

The last Indonesian culinary destination for this one has a unique culinary experience that is well known in the Indonesian community, namely, Pempek. Palembang, which is famous for the Musi River, has many seafood-based culinary such as fish or shrimp. It’s not complete if you go to this city but don’t taste the Pempek dish made from the original Palembang mackerel fish complete with Cuko sauce made from brown sugar water mixed with chili, garlic and dried prawn. Guaranteed, once you tried, sobat tiket won’t eat enough once!

How the recommendations for Indonesian culinary destinations above? It must be tempting not to be tried, huh? Some of the cities above can be recommended for your next holiday in 2019. Aside from Indonesian cuisine, there is also a culinary tour in the country of Bangkok that can be another reference for a ticket when on vacation.

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