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How to Travel on A Budget for Students

For students, going on a vacation is as important as getting a good grade in the subject you’ve been learning in school. After studying for a period, you must be tired and need something to make your mind clear again. The big question is, is there anything you could to have a vacation with student budget? The answer is YES!

If you want to go on a vacation but restricted by budget, we’ve compiled some tips so you can freshen your mind from school routines. You don’t need to be worried about the budget because you can plan your vacation if you follow these very easy steps.

Don’t let anything hold you back from visiting places you’ve been wanted to visit all this time. Don’t worry about flight prices, the lack of information about the places you want to visit, pricy dining places, or anything else. These tips below will guide you to plan your vacation with the money you have. Without further ado, here are the tips you can follow.

How to Plan A Memorable Vacation with Limited Budget

1. Save Money

The first thing you can do to make your dream trip come true is to save your money. It’s not a big secret, but this obvious step will definitely bring you to places you want to go. Before you start saving money, you need to do some research about the place you plan to visit. You can do this by browsing on the internet or asking your friends and family who have been there before.

How to Travel on A Budget for Students

Find out what destinations in that place which can be visited without make you bankrupt. Besides that, you also need to know about the transportation information, so you can easily move from one to another with cheap fare. Don’t forget to ask which restaurant you can come by to taste delicious local food with minimal expense.

After you gather all those information, now you can make a saving goal and finish it by the time you want to go. For instance, you want to visit a place for the next six months, you need to make a special financial plan for this. The more persistent you are to save your money, the earlier you can go on that vacation.

2. Deciding the Place

Choosing the place is one crucial step if you want to go on a budget-friendly vacation. Don’t worry because there are still plenty of options you can choose from with your limited budget. Places near you are the best options because you don’t need to spend much on transportation to get there.

How to Travel on A Budget for Students

Choosing the right place to visit is also give a huge impact on the total money you will have to spend on the trip. Also, with the cheaper destination, it means you don’t have to wait too long to save money so you can leave right away. Pretty cool, right?

3. Make Financial Plan For the Vacation

Another crucial thing to consider having a vacation is a financial plan during your visit. Well, the planning part is not that hard, but to stick to it is not that easy. Financial plan during vacation is a very useful thing to make because you can avoid unwanted expenses. Especially if you want to visit a place with a different currency, this plan will save you a lot, like a lot.

How to Travel on A Budget for Students

If you plan it well, and certainly strong determination, you can have a wonderful trip with the money you have saved before. As the emergency fund that you take with is also secured if you stick to your plan. Remember, you still need your money after you get back from vacation so be wise on spending it during the trip.

4. Take Your Friend with You

Another way to have a budget-friendly vacation is to share it with your friends. The more the merrier, right? Moreover, if you take your friends with you on your vacation, you can share the cost for the place to stay. You can also split the bill when you are on a culinary trip, tasting more food is more likely if you have your friends with you.

How to Travel on A Budget for Students

Experiencing the trip together is also way more fun because you create the memory with the ones you care so much. You spent more time with them and get to know more about each other so that your friendship is getting stronger after you all come back from the trip.

5. Find the Cheapest Ticket You Can Get at

Having a vacation is a package of transportation, place to stay, or any other kind of accommodations. Luckily, you can get all those things you need in one place, and of course, you will get a great deal. With, you can book for your flight, train, hotel, etc. In here you can always find an interesting promo for your trip. is a big help if you want to have a budget-friendly vacation almost anywhere. Visit the web page or you can download the mobile app and get the latest deals.

How to Travel on A Budget for Students

Plan Your Trip Right Away

There you are. Five easy steps for students to have a vacation with a minimal budget. Aren’t you excited to know that you can have a trip that you have dreamed of? So what are you waiting for? Go find the cheapest flight only on and go nearly anywhere you want. Have a great trip!