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9 Remedies to Prevent and Resolve Motion Sickness

How to Prevent Motion Sickness – Among t-mate, is there anyone who is often experiencing motion sickness attacks? If you like traveling, but motion sickness always comes to you, it will definitely feel annoying, right?

Motion sickness itself is caused by many factors and also divided into several types.

For the motion sickness factor itself, it is usually because the right sitting position in the area is often shaken, doesn’t match with the scent of the coolant of the vehicle, until the activities you do before and during the trip.

If you often experience motion sickness, be it land, sea and air travel. Here are some ways you can do about how to deal with motion sickness.

How to Resolve Motion Sickness, So Your Journey Is Still Fun!

Having travel sickness is indeed very unpleasant. In addition to making yourself feel tormented, the trip you do certainly become unpleasant. However, there are ways you can do to prevent and resolve motion sickness. A piece of complete helpful information for your upcoming trip!

1. Avoid Eating Too Much

The important thing you need to pay attention before starting the trip is the condition of the stomach. Filling the stomach before the trip is really necessary. However, don’t overdo it and make you overflowing.

Because the shock from the vehicle can usually make you feel nauseous and dizzy. Therefore, you can experience motion sickness, and make the trip you do feel uncomfortable.

Especially if you are going to go on vacation. Of course, it can be the reason for your vacation to be less memorable.

2. Take Anti-Nausea / Anti-Motion Sickness Medication

You certainly understand yourself better right, t-mate? So, if you feel often experiencing motion sickness, then the main way to deal with motion sickness is to take anti-nausea or anti-motion sickness drugs.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness

That way, during the trip you will fall asleep and not feel motion sickness. As for those of you who rarely experience motion sickness, preparing a hangover drug can be the best way, who knows you will experience motion sickness while on the go

3. Eat Snacks

If you are nauseous and vomiting while on a trip, then consuming mineral water is important. Because after vomiting, your body will lack fluids and can result in dehydration. By drinking enough mineral water, it can restore your body’s condition.

Eating snacks can also help you replenish an empty stomach and not trigger nausea or vomiting again.

4. Close your eyes, and rest for a moment

How to solve when your trip feels nauseous and dizzy, then closing your eyes and resting is the best way to reduce it. Get your head still in a stable position so that it doesn’t make you dizzier.

5. Eat Candies

Consuming candy during the trip can certainly help you reduce nausea. This is because candy can suppress stomach acid production and nausea caused by motion sickness.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness

You can choose candy mints or fruits such as oranges, lemons or strawberries. How to resolve motion sickness by eating candy is quite effective!

How to Prevent Motion Sickness

Besides overcoming travel sickness, of course, there are ways to prevent motion sickness that you can do right, t-mate? Travel sickness often occurs when you take a sea trip.

Like for example when you want to go to tourist attraction in Labuan Bajo, where you must take a boat as the transportation.

Here’s how you can beat it.

1. Make Sure Your Stomach is Filled

Before starting the trip, it’s good for you to fill your stomach first, t-mate. The best time is 30 minutes to 1 hour before departure. That way, it can reduce the possibility of motion sickness while you are on the trip.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness

However, don’t let your stomach overlap. Because it can result in nausea and the worst possibility can make you vomit.

2. Bringing Aromatherapy or Medicated Oil

Very important, bringing aromatherapy or medicated oil is a powerful weapon for you who often experience motion sickness. This way is suitable for you who are not familiar with the air conditioner in the car or with the scent of car perfume that doesn’t suit you.

Inhaling aromatherapy can make you feel more relaxed. The function of the medicated oil can also be a powerful medicine to reduce nausea and dizziness. You can smear the medicated oil around the belly and navel, or on the forehead.

3. Look Out the Window

Looking out the window can indeed make you feel more relaxed than reading or seeing a gadget for a long time. By looking out the window, you can see a scene that makes your eyes feel more relaxed.

You can also do this activity while listening to your favorite music through the gadget you carry. If possible, you can find friends to chat so you don’t feel bored and feels the trip is so long.

4. Avoid Playing the Gadget Too Long

We often feel that playing gadgets during a trip can make time feel shorter. In fact, playing gadgets for too long during a trip can make you feel dizzy and nauseous. For that, just use the gadget as needed, and look for other ways to erode your long travel time to feel shorter.

Rest can be the best choice so that your body feels more relaxed due to the long journey you take. Chatting with other passengers is also effective as a way to prevent or resolve motion sickness.

Not only travel sickness as a passenger but to experience it while driving is also common. Don’t worry, just book a car rental at, because it comes along with driver. Hassle-free and comfort!

We assure that your trip will be more relaxed and fun!