keep your money safe while on vacation


How to Keep Your Money Safe When Traveling Abroad

Going on vacation is certainly super fun. Especially if you know well about the place where you are vacationing. But it’s different if you go to a place that you have never visited before, like going abroad.

You can be faced with language differences, cultural differences, and complicated roadmap that can get you lost easily. Well, when you’re confused and less alert, be careful because there are naughty hands that could take advantage of your inattention.

Money Saving Tips While on Vacation

So that you can get the most out of your vacation, this time wants to share the right tips that you can do to make your money safe while traveling abroad. There are lots of things you can do to reduce the risk of pickpocketing while on vacation. Check out the following tips.

1. Bring Spare Money

keep your money safe while on vacation

Wherever you go, you should bring some back up money. Especially, if you go abroad, you have to bring spare money in dollars. This is because the dollar is accepted in almost all countries in the world and is easy to exchange.

Then save the reserve money in several different places. For example, you reserve 200 dollars. You can divide it and store it in several places such as at the bottom of the bag, in a suitcase, in a small bag, or even in your shoes.

Thus, if your bag is stolen by someone, then you still have a reserve fund that you can use for other purposes such as staying, eating, calling costs, and so on.

2. Don’t Bring Everything at Once

Indeed, it would be better if you already withdraw money from ATMs or banks in Indonesia first. Because if you withdraw cash abroad it is likely to be charged which is not cheap.

However, you should not bring all the money at once wherever you go. When you walk around exploring tourist attractions, you just need to bring money as needed, and some spare money for emergency needs.

3. Take Pictures of Important Documents

keep your money safe while on vacation

It is highly recommended to take photos of all important documents that you will take on vacation abroad before you leave. Don’t forget to also send the image to your own email, or save it in cloud storage.

Make sure you take photos of your credit cards, debit cards, passports, visas, and so on. That way, if you lose your bag, as long as you can still access the internet then you can see the id number of the document for emergency purposes.

4. Bring Fake Wallet

If you go abroad where the crime rates such as pickpocketing are very high, then you can bring a fake wallet to trick those criminals.

If you are approached by someone and asked to give them your wallet, you can give the fake wallet. To make it look like your real wallet, you can put in a few dollars and cards that are already unused.

5. Use a Bag or Clothes with Hidden Pockets

If you go on vacation abroad, you should not use a waist bag. Why? Because besides being uncomfortable, waist bags are also the main target of criminals, where they will think that you save money in there.

Luckily, now there are many manufacturers of bags or clothes that include hidden pockets where you can hide your money, and also don’t make you bother like when you use a waist bag.

6. Use an ATM Machine Inside a Bank

keep your money safe while on vacation

If you have to withdraw money from the destination of your vacation, then it’s best to increase the level of security, don’t use an ATM machine on the roadside. You can use an ATM machine inside a bank.

In addition to the risk of seizure, using an ATM in an open place is also prone to skimmers or theft of customer data through an ATM machine. In general, inside of a bank there is also a security officer so that it will be safer for you to withdraw cash.

7. Use the Safe in the Hotel

Well, if all the tips to keep your money save when you are traveling abroad above you have applied, this last point also should not be forgotten so that the goods or money that you left in the hotel also remain safe.

If by chance the hotel you rented provides a safe, then use the safe to store important items and also the money you bring abroad.

If there is no safe in the hotel you rent, then you can hide money in hidden places such as cabinets in the bathroom or under the bed.

Have a Safe and Convenient Vacation

With the tips above, hopefully your vacation abroad can always be fun and return safely without any items missing. See also tips if you want to solo traveling abroad for the first time. Book hotel abroad can be cheaper via which is a lot of promos of course!