How to Get Harga Gledek for Hotels at tiket.com’s Online Tiket Week

Hey everyone! What is the first thing that comes to your mind while you are preparing for a holiday?

When you are having a plan to visit a destination on your holiday, one of the most important things to be prepared is a hotel.

Booking the right hotel will make your travel becomes more exciting because traveling is not only chasing experience to enjoy sightseeing, but also enjoying every moment at your preferred destination.

Well, there is a simple fact that you have to know about Online Tiket Week.

The Online Tiket Week or OTW on tiket.com app is the perfect chance for you to get the cheapest hotel prices, ever.

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Brace yourself to get the amazing Harga Gledek or the discounted price up to 50% off during Online Tiket Week which will be started on 25 March 2019 at 08.00 AM.

Well, for you who have prepared to get Harga Gledek for hotels at Online Tiket Week, read these simple steps to grab the affordable hotel prices at tiket.com app. Here we go!

How to Get Harga Gledek for Hotels at Online Tiket Week (OTW)

This is the simplest way to get Harga Gledek for hotels at tiket.com’s OTW.

  1. Install tiket.com App

Online Tiket Week is only available on app. So, first thing to do before chasing Harga Gledek is installing the app at App Store or Play Store. You can download tiket.com app for free!

  1. Find Your Favorite Hotels

When the tiket.com’s OTW is stared on 25 March 2019, you should have known where you wanna go to stay on your next holiday. Insert your preferred destination on the search box and click the search button when it’s done.

  1. Get the Harga Gledek!

After you click the search button, we will find the hotels with Harga Gledek for you. The Harga Gledek will be shown immediately on the search results and you can grab it as soon as possible.

Complete the payment to get the hotels with Harga Gledek then you can enjoy your stay. So, save the date of Online Tiket Week and get the Harga Gledek only on tiket.com app.

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