Top Secret! This is How to Get “Harga Gledek” for Flights at Online Tiket Week 

Hey everyone, are you ready to get Harga Gledek at tiket.com’s OTW?

OTW or Online Tiket Week is the right time to get the cheapest flight tickets and hotels online. Starting from 25 March 2019 at 08.00 AM, you can find your Harga Gledek for flight tickets only on tiket.com app!

It’s is definitely true that you have to brace yourself to get the famous Harga Gledek on tiket.com app. Various flight tickets to many destinations are available for you who want to go on holiday abroad or within Indonesia.

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But wait, do you know how to get Harga Gledek for flights at Online Tiket Week?

Harga Gledek is the discounted price for flight and hotel with up to 50% off. If you want to get Harga Gledek for flights at tiket.com’s Online Tiket Week, read these simple steps below!

How to Get Harga Gledek for Flights at tiket.com’s Online Tiket Week

This is how to get Harga Gledek for flights only on tiket.com app during Online Tiket Week.

  1. Install tiket.com app

Want to get Harga Gledek but forget to install tiket.com app? It’s a big no, no! So, open your App Store or Google PlayStore to download and install tiket.com app for free!

If the app is already installed within your gadget, it’s the time to move on to the second step!

  1. Search Flight Ticket to Your Favorite Destination

Online Tiket Week is the perfect moment to get the cheapest flight tickets, ever! Search your tickets by inserting your favorite destinations in the search box. After that, voila, the flight ticket options will be shown to you.

Harga Gledek for flight ticket is the original price minus the discount. You can simply see the discounted price or the Harga Gledek while opening the booking form.

  1. Get Your Harga Gledek As Soon As Possible

If you’ve already got your preferred flight tickets with Harga Gledek, the final step is completing the payment! Simple. Simple. Simple.

Okay, brace yourself to get Harga Gledek for flights at Online Tiket Week. But before that, do not forget to install tiket.com app on App Store or Google Play Store.

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