how to apply visa in Indonesia


Easy Steps on How to Apply Visa in Indonesia

How to Apply Visa in Indonesia – Who doesn’t want to go on a vacation abroad? Everyone must really want to go to a new place that has not been visited before. Especially if the new place is abroad, in a country with different cultures and languages from Indonesia. Surely it will be a really cool and memorable experience.

But wait, going abroad is not like you travel back and forth to Mojokerto, Lampung, Cibulan, or even to Cimahi. There are several requirements that must be met such as making a passport and visa. Well, to apply a visa, will explain the process so that your trip will be more well prepared.

Wherever you want to go, you definitely need a passport and visa. Yet there are some visa free countries that you can visit without it. However, if you want to go abroad in the near future, make sure you know how to apply a visa. So, here are some tips to apply a visa abroad that you should know.

How to Apply a Visa and The Requirements

1. Fill Out the Form Online

Before filling out the online submission form, make sure you have prepared all the various documents that are required to apply a visa,  like a passport for instance. But what if you don’t have a passport? Then you need to apply for a passport first before you can apply for a visa. You can apply for a passport online too.

After all the visa requirements documents are prepared, you can begin to fill out the visa application form online on the various official websites of the country’s embassies that you will visit.

2. Visa Payment Receipt

The second step you should pay attention to when applying a visa is to submit visa payment receipt. Don’t forget, after filling out the online form, you will be asked for some administrative fees for visa processing of your destination country.

Visa fees may vary depending on the country you want to visit. If you have made the payment, attach the receipt of visa payment when making a visa application.

3. Attach Your Photograph

The third step in applying a visa is quite important. So that you can be identified correctly by the embassy and sync your data, then you need to attach a photo of you. So, don’t forget this 3rd step in how to apply for a visa so that there is no mistake in identifying yourself.

4. Attach Financial Receipt

You may have heard about this one, and this step may be the one which caused dilemma to some people. In fact, you don’t even need to be scared, fellas. Making a financial receipt attachments as one of the conditions for applying a visa is super simple.

Did you know that when visiting a country, we must attach financial receipt as a warrant? This really needs to be attached so that the country can take care of you and guarantee you while you are in the country.

The attachment of financial receipt as a condition for applying a visa is also proof that you are able to survive while in the country. The number of money in your account doesn’t need to be very much, as long as you have what it takes to live there up to your visit is over.

5. Make a Letter of Visit

The last step of applying for a visa is to attach a letter telling about why you want to visit the country. Whether for business, leisure, or other purposes, and make sure that you explain that completely. The clearer your explanation, the easier it will be for your visa to be approved.

You need to know that it is not difficult to apply for a visa. After you have completed all the requirements mentioned above, you can submit it to the embassy of the country you are heading to. It is not that hard, right?

No need to hesitate to visit the country you have been wanted to. The steps of applying visa are very easy to follow. If your visa has been approved, you can travel to the country safely. And for the flight, you can surely book flight ticket from with cheap price.