How to Apply for South Korea Visa


How to Apply for South Korea Visa in Indonesia, Simplest Way

How to Apply for South Korea Visa – Holidays is near. So, now is certainly the right moment to plan a vacation trip. What about you? Do you have plans to travel abroad or out of town? For those who choose to have a vacation abroad, have you completed all the required documents?

For those who want to go on vacation abroad, of course there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to. Besides having a passport, you also need a visa. Now, who wants to have a vacation to South Korea? Do you know how to apply South Korea?

This time, would like to let you know how to apply South Korea visa for those who want to fly to Korea. You can also get cheap flight tickets to Korea from! Already checked ticket prices? Now pay attention on how to apply South Korean visa.

The Requirements for Applying South Korea Visa

How to Apply for South Korea Visa

South Korea is a country that requires tourists to have a visa before visiting the country. Whether for work or for just a vacation. Well, for those of you who want to take a vacation to South Korea, you need to know the steps and terms of the South Korea visa below to get the visa you want.

1. Choosing Visa Type

The first step to make a South Korea visa is to choose the type of visa you need. There are 4 types of Korean visa, you can choose according to your needs. The types are:

  • Single Visa (for visit under 90 days) IDR 560.000
  • Single Visa Special (for visit more than 90 days) IDR 840.000
  • Double Visa (2x visits and valid for 6 months) IDR 980.000
  • Multiple Visa (multiple visits with a validity period of 5 years) IDR 1.260.000

For each type of visa has a different price as stated above. In addition, the submission of Multiple Visas can only be done for you who have gone to South Korea twice or have been to the United States.

2. Complete the Required Documents

It is very important, before filling out the form, you must really check again the documents needed. The incompleteness of visa application documents could cause the visa to be refused. With the availability of all visa documents needed, the approval process will be easier and the possibility of being approved by the embassy is bigger. These are the Korea visa requirements:

  1. Download the registration form and attach a photo. (35mm x 45mm photo with white background).
  2. Your passport and a copy (the identity page/stamped page of the country that has been visited)
  3. Family card
  4. Work certificate and copy of business license of workplace
  5. Student card (for students)
  6. A copy of financial reports (SPT PPh 21/bank reference and account statement for the last 3 months)


  1. Students must attach Student Certificate and Financial Reports from parents.
  2. Housewives and those who do not have income must attach financial reports from husband / family.
  3. As for you who want to bring a household assistant, you must attach a Sponsor Letter from the Employer in the form of a Work Certificate and Family Card.

Incomplete documents can slow down your process to get visa approval from the South Korean Embassy. So, you will be asked to complete it first.

3. Filling Registration Form

After you have completed the requirements of applying South Korea visa in points 1 and 2, then fill in the registration form that you  have downloaded earlier. Fill in accordance with the instructions written on the registration form sheet with the actual data.

4. Registration and Payment Processes

The next step is to submit a Korea visa application file. You must remember that the submission service is only open at 09.00-11.30. The process that you will do at the Korean Embassy is as follows:

  1. Pay for the visa fees at the Bank in the Korean Embassy. After you pay the visa fee, you will get a stamp to be posted on the application form.
  2. After paying and getting a stamp, you will be directed to the visa registration place. Don’t forget to prepare an identity like ID card for initial checking.
  3. Take the queue number according to the type of visa you choose and wait until your queue number is called.
  4. After that, you just have to submit documents and taking receipts that you must bring when you take your passport and visa later.

The submitted visa will be processed within 6 working days. So, you can only take a visa that has been approved after 6 working days, starting 1 day after the submission date.

5. Checking Visa Status Online

How to Apply for South Korea Visa

We’re almost there. After applying for a visa, you can just wait whether the visa you submitted is accepted or rejected. You can’t tell the reason for your visa application if it’s being refused.

For this reason, you can check regularly to find out the status of your visa application. You can check online through the website There are 3 status statements, namely under review, approved, and rejected. If your visa submission status is approved, then you can collect your passport and visa after the 6 days have ended.

6. Passport and Visa collection

Finally, we are in the last process of applying Korea visa. Yep, after your visa application is accepted, then you can take your passport and visa at the Korean Embassy. Unlike when submitting a form, passport and visa collection only takes place from 13.30-16.00.

Don’t forget to bring a receipt given during the registration application. You only need to put the receipt in a basket and wait for your turn. Now it’s done, so you can prepare yourself for a holiday and explore Korea!

Easy, isn’t it? You only need to prepare the required documents so that your visa approval process will be easier, faster and smoother. Read also the trick on how to book the cheapest hotel possible.