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4 Easiest Ways to Check-in Hotel You Must Know

Hotel Check-in Method – After you successfully book a hotel room, the next process you need to do is of course check-in. For each hotel, it does have a different policy regarding the permitted check-in hours.

For t-mate who are still not familiar with how to check-in the hotel, here is a hotel check-in method that is easy for you to do. So there is no need to be confused when checking in at a hotel, and experience problems that might occur.

Easy Hotel Check-in

When checking in the hotel, there are indeed a number of things that you need to pay attention to, t-mate. So, you don’t feel confused when you have to check-in the hotel for the first time. Here is the complete information for the t-mates who want to check-in the hotel easily.

1. Different Check-in Times

It’s important for you to know, t-ate. That the check-in hours set by each hotel will certainly be different. So, you better ask the receptionist about the check-in hours set by the hotel.

Hotel Check-in Method

That way, you can estimate the right time to be ready for check-in. So, it doesn’t make you wait too long at the hotel because the check-in time is too far from your arrival.

For some hotels also apply strict regulations, you know, about check-in time. So, when you are late for check-in until the set time, it will be considered as a ‘no-show’, so the money you pay cannot be refunded.

2. Deposit for Guarantee

Don’t be confused and panic, t-mate, when you check in at the hotel, and the receptionist asks you to pay the deposit. This deposit applies as a guarantee if you consume the mini bar available in the room, or if there is damage to the key and other room facilities.

Cara Check-in Hotel - Deposit Sebagai Jaminan

The deposit money is also varied, depending on the policies of each hotel. If you don’t consume drinks available in the mini bar and no damage occurs. Then the money will be returned at check-out later.

3. Special Request

Special requests are common, can be in the form of requests for additional facilities such as hair dryers or irons, morning calls, until the time to check-in. Well, for those of you who have to check-in in the morning, but the hotel check-in policy is daytime, then you can apply for a special request.

Hotel Check-in Method

However, not all hotels will approve your special request in the form of early check-in, t-mate. So, you must be prepared to find a solution if your request cannot be met by the hotel.

4. Early Check-in

Early check-in is common. But unfortunately, it can’t always be accepted by the hotel’s management. So, for those of you who need early check-in when booking hotel rooms online, don’t forget to include the notes or the special request.

If your request is rejected, you can still work around this by leaving your luggage at the concierge and enjoying the facilities provided by the hotel. Like a salon and spa, or spend time at cafes and restaurants around the hotel.

Stay Comfortable, and Make Your Holiday More Fun

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