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5 Reasons Why You Have to Homecoming Eid Ride the Train

Homecoming Eid Ride the Train – Fasting month will arrive in a few more months. In addition to syrup and sarong advertisements, the thing that is also identified with the fasting month is the Homecoming Eid or Mudik Lebaran. What about you? This year’s Lebaran holiday, are you planning to go mudik with your family or not?

Talking about Homecoming Eid, the thing that most often becomes a barrier is a matter of transportation. Starting from the expensive ticket prices for Mudik, to the length of the trip and the density of travelers who make long traffic jams along the way.

In fact, there is a solution that you can take, to be able to overcome the same exact problem in every year about Homecoming Eid. Like for example, leaving early and returning early, and order tickets at least 90 days before the departure.

One of the pleasant transportation is Homecoming Eid ride the train. There are a number of considerations that make Homecoming Eid on a train is greater. Do you want to know what is it? Check out the following review!

Homecoming Eid Ride the Train, These 5 Reasons Become Your Consideration Also, or Not?

Of course, there will be many considerations before Homecoming Eid and stay in touch with your relatives. What do you usually make your consideration in choosing transportation when going for Homecoming Eid?

This time, we will discuss the Homecoming Eid ride the train along with 5 reasons why you should choose the train as your transportation.

  1. Cheap Ticket Prices

Of course, you already know that train tickets are cheaper than airline tickets, right? This is perfect if you are going to Homecoming Eid with your big family. So, it can be more economical budget!

Mudik Lebaran Naik Kereta - Harga Tiket Kereta Api Lebih Murah

So, if your destination is still able to reach using the train, you can consider going for Homecoming Eid by train. It’s cheap, fast, and of course no traffic jam!

  1. You Can Enjoy The Beautiful Scenery

Surely, the scenery along the railway line does provide a beautiful and amazing view. For that, choosing a chair near the window is indeed the right choice so you don’t feel bored while on the way. So, you can look out the window which gives a beautiful view and soothes the eyes.

Mudik Lebaran Naik Kereta - Bisa Menikmati Pemandangan Indah

However, you will see a wide expanse of rice field with a background of high towering mountains. In fact, there are also sea views that you can see as you use the train as your transportation. As interesting as getting on a plane, right?

  1. Solutions for Those of You Who Are Afraid of Height

Mudik Lebaran Naik Kereta - Solusi untuk Kamu yang Takut Ketinggian

Well, it’s really important, buddy. If you have a phobia with height, and there is some accident in aircraft which make your fear of using aircraft as your transportation. As long as your Homecoming Eid route can be traveled by train, going for Homecoming Eid by train can be another alternative for your transportation.

  1. Because of the Distance So Close!

The reason for this one is indeed the most relevant reason if you are just going home to the nearest area. Like for example you who live in Jakarta, want to go Homecoming Eid to Bandung. Yes, it’s better to take the train, right? Hehehe.

So, if your hometown distance is not too far away, using a private vehicle will make you stuck in traffic for hours. So going for Mudik Lebaran ride the train can be the right solution for you who want to go Mudik.

  1. More Flexible, and Friendly for Babies

Yep, it’s really true that the reason for going Homecoming Eid with the train. Apart from being more affordable, choosing a train as your transportation feels more flexible. Besides being stable in terms of price, you also don’t need to arrive 1 hour before the departure, like when you board a plane.

Mudik Lebaran Naik Kereta - Lebih Fleksibel dan Ramah untuk Bayi

Not only that, but going Homecoming Eid ride the train is also more comfortable if you bring along a baby or toddler, and no need to pay for additional baggage. How? more flexible about the time and procedure, right?

Now, you already know, why do you have to go Homecoming Eid ride the train? Book train tickets at right now, and enjoy the convenience of ordering tickets through You have never ridden a train before? Well, no need to worry, this Complete Guide of Taking Train in Indonesia for First Timer, will guide you.