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List of Must-Hear Blackpink’s Song Right Now!

Who is not familiar with the KPOP group consisting of these beautiful and charismatic women, Blackpink. Being one of the most famous K-pop girl group in the world, they will hold a world tour concert and Jakarta is included! Do you ready to come and see the concert later? While you’re waiting, let’s listen to the latest and most complete Blackpink songs below. has compiled a list of Blackpink songs that you can memorize before watching the concert later. What are they? Check it out right here!

List of Must-Hear BLACKPINK’s Song Right Now

1. Ddu-du-Ddu-du

Hit you with that Ddu-du-ddu-du! Recently people all over the world are no stranger to that sentence. Blackpink was comeback with their new song titled “Ddu-du-Ddu-du” on June 15, 2018. Having a future trap genre, this famous Blackpink’s song is produced by Teddy Park, 24, Bekuh Boom and R.Tee. A few hours after its release, Ddu-du-ddu-du has topped various South Korean music chart such as Melon, Naver, Genie, Bugs and many more.

In fact, the music video clip also broke the record as one of the video clip with the most viewers in 24 hours, scoring around 36 million views. This achievement makes Blackpink’s name even more popular in international recognition. Thanks to this song, Blackpink became the second K-pop girl group to enter the Billboard 100 Hot Chart in the United States. The previous K-pop girl group who manage to this list was, Wonder Girls.

2. Boombayah

Blackpink debuted first in August 2016 and immediately makes a sensation the world of K-pop. Their debut song was one of them titled Boombayah. Having a big room house and hip house genre, this song shows the charisma of each member vocal. Jisoo and Rose with refreshing vocals and Jennie and Lisa present a strong charismatic rap.

In this song also the words “Blackpink in your area” become one of the famous sentences that become their characteristic. This song also immediately topped several music charts in South Korea and internationally. Boombayah shows Blackpink with an energetic side and their girl crush concept that is liked by many people.

3. As If It’s Your Last

With their group name, Blackpink has two colors that represent charisma and feminine characters. After previously came with an energetic song, in As If It’s Your Last, Blackpink displays a feminine and cute side of the group. With a cheerful melody, Blackpink still looks energetic and charismatic at the same time.

Released in 2017, this song managed to enter the top of the charts in several South Korean music sites. Uniquely, one member of Blackpink named Lisa, sang her rap part in English. This is intended so that international music lovers can also enjoy Blackpink music. Not surprisingly, the As If It’s Your Last music video was included in one of the scenes in the Justice League movie. Cool!

4. So Hot (The Black Label Remix)

Unlike the previous three songs, So Hot is not a Blackpink song. So Hot is actually the title song of a senior K-pop girl group, Wonder Girls. Blackpink sang this song again and was re-arranged by The Black Label, a sub-label of YG Entertainment. This song was sung by Blackpink at the SBS Gayo Daejun 2017 event.

After rearranging, the melody of the song in So Hot’s songs became more hip-hop, matching to Blackpink’s music color. Teddy Park, the genius behind the arrangement, asked permission from Park Jin-young or JYP, as the creator of the song So Hot. Additional rap lyrics brought by Jennie and Lisa in English, make this Blackpink song more sexy and cool.

5. Kiss and Make Up

Lagu Blackpink Terbaik - Kiss and Make Up

This Blackpink song attracted a lot of attention from Blackpink fans. How come? This song belongs to the famous British female singer, Dua Lipa. This collaboration took place when Dua Lipa was holding a concert in Seoul and met Jennie and Lisa in the backstage. Because she felt a connection with them, Dua Lipa immediately thought to invite Blackpink to collaborate in one of her songs, “Kiss and Make Up”.

Released on October 19, 2018 yesterday, this song immediately satisfies the fans and listeners throughout the world. Dua Lipa and Blackpink members blended very nicely in this song. Besides having English lyrics, this Blackpink song also has a few Korean lyrics written by Teddy Park. Blink was very happy with this collaboration, it can be seen from the number of viewers YouTube music official in Dua Lipa account until now reaching 42 million viewers*

6. Playing with Fire

In November 2016, Blackpink released their second single album, Square Two. As a title track for this album, the song itself titled “Playing with Fire”. This song was released complete with a video clip by YG Entertainment and managed to make the Blink amazed by the upbeat melody that made the listeners want to dance along throughout the song. This song has meaning for women to be careful about and not playing with love.

7. Stay

Still, from Square Two’s single album, there is Stay written by Teddy Park. Stay became the second great song from this album after Playing with Fire. If sobat tiket listens to this song, it will feel a very striking difference from Playing with Fire. Playing with Fire has a up beat tone, Stay is quite melancholic compared to other Blackpink songs. The guitar played by one of Blackpink’s members, Rose, made this song have a relaxed melody that is almost like country music.

8. Whistle

Sweet whistle from this Blackpink song seems to make you unable to sleep. Whistle was one of Blackpink’s songs at the start of their debut, written by boyband leader Hanbin of iKON, Teddy Park, and Bekuh Boom. Even though it is on the same album as the “Boombayah” track, “Whistle” has a softer, very strong hip-hop tone. This song topped major of South Korean music charts as soon as Blackpink debuted. Do you also like this song too, sobat tiket?

9. Forever Young

From the album that brought the track Ddu-du-ddu-du, there is the song titled Forever Young, which can make you stomp with a fast rhythm. This song illustrates that Blackpink will still look fresh, young and vibrant in the eyes of its fans. In this song, Blackpink released a feminine and cheerful side, suitable as a summer song. You sure agree, huh?

10. Really

Another song that you also have to memorize in the third track of the Square Up mini-album so that you can sing with Rose, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa. This song with alluring lyrics was written by TEDDY and Danny Chung. Really has lyrics that tell if there is a man who chases the love of a woman, they’re must be able to prove it so that the women’s heart melts. In this song, there is rap lyrics in English sung by Lisa.

11. See U Later

After releasing Really, Blackpink released See U Later to complete the tracks in Square Up’s mini-album. See U Later is packed with shades of dance pop. This Blackpink’s song tells the story of a broken-hearted woman to move on and prove that her life will be fine. You can still jam to this Blackpink song with this one.

Well, you can start listening to and memorizing the Blackpink song above, sobat tiket. Blackpink has become a KPOP girl group that has many fans around the world.

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