Surabaya North Quay


Surabaya North Quay, Hanging Out with Big Luxury Ship

Surabaya North Quay – Surabaya City has never stopped improving to be better and better, in the field of tourism, too. The city always fixes existing tourist attractions or presents new attractions to attract tourists from various regions.

Well, there is a new place that you can visit as a tourist place, place to eat, or hangout in Surabaya. The place is Surabaya North Quay located in the port of Tanjung Perak.

Surabaya North Quay, New Unique Place in Kota Pahlawan

A place to hangout at the port? Yes, you don’t read it wrong. In Surabaya North Quay you can relax while enjoying the view of a luxury cruise ship and soothing sea breeze.

Surabaya North Quay

This place is located in Tanjung Perak, precisely on the second and third floors of the Gapura Surya Nusantara Terminal building. From there you can see the view of the sea along with international cruises that are anchored.

If you and your friends are on vacation and looking for a place to hang out in Surabaya that is unique, modern, and even difficult to find elsewhere, then you are very obliged to come to Surabaya North Quay.

On the second floor of the Gapura Surya Nusantara building you can shop various kinds of goods. While on the third floor, there are various Surabaya culinary specialties that you can taste while enjoying the scenery.

Some of the cuisines available on the third floor include Lontong Balap and Rujak Cingur. Not only that, you can also order various choices of archipelago food such as soto, meatballs, and so on.

Ticket Prices to Enter Surabaya North Quay

To be able to enter Surabaya North Quay, you do not need an entrance ticket or not to be charged a penny. Only, if you come by using a private vehicle, you at least spend money on parking fees.

Surabaya North Quay

Then when can you come to this place? Surabaya North Quay opening hours are every Tuesday to Sunday at 11am to 9pm. For Monday, this place is not open to the public unless a certain event is being held.

Interesting Things You Can Do in Surabaya North Quay

Then besides hanging out and enjoying the ocean and cruise ship, what else can you do in this place? Well, there are still many things you can do here. Check out the list below.

Surabaya North Quay

1. Seeing What’s Inside of a Luxury Port

Gapura Surya Nusantara was inaugurated in October 2014. This place is the first port terminal in Indonesia that presents modern facilities in the form of a garbarata bridge.

The Garbarata bridge is a bridge that connects the waiting room with a ship as is usually found at airports. That way, passengers can get into the boat more comfortably and easily.

This terminal is also designed with a modern design, and is very well maintained and kept clean. Coupled with the soft sofa and air conditioning, you can admire this place while relaxing.

2. Taste the Local Cuisine

Picnicking to Surabaya North Quay does not require you to bring your own food because there are plenty of delicious food choices for you to eat while looking at the scenery.

So many choices of food are available, you can make this place as one of the culinary tourist destinations in Surabaya. Don’t worry, the food is sold at an affordable price, really.

3. See the Amazing Surabaya Icons

The extraordinary scenery that you can see here is not only the sea, the luxury ships, and the vast expanse of sky. But from the roof terrace of Surabaya North Quay, you can also see the beauty of the Suramadu Bridge which is not too far away.

In addition you can also see the Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument or better known as Monjaya. The monument is a statue of a naval officer who is looking to the sea indicating his readiness to face it.

4. Taking Some Pictures

Modern building designs, luxury cruises, and amazing sights. You can combine them to get amazing photos to be posted on your Instagram account.

Taking pictures are something that you should not miss when you are in Surabaya North Quay. Almost in every direction you look, you can get a nice photo as long as you can find the right angle.

Thus, this place becomes one of the favorite choices for Instagram destinations in Surabaya. So if you are looking for a unique place for photographs, you can really come to this place. The best time to come to this place is in the afternoon where you can see and capture the beautiful sunset views in the west that you should not be missed.

Having Fun in One Exciting Place

Well? It’s really exciting, isn’t it? You can make Surabaya North Quay a complete tourist solution where you can culinary, hang out, take photos, relax, picnic with family, and so on. The distance is also very close to Pasar Turi Station, Surabaya, only about 30 minutes by car. Now don’t forget, if you want to vacation in Surabaya, you can order cheap train tickets via