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Green Hotel, Let’s Find Out About This Eco-Friendly Hotel

Green Hotel – t-mate, have you ever heard about Green Hotels or eco-friendly hotels? If not, will discuss green hotels which have a good impact on the environment.

Using the concept of go green is indeed very much needed by the earth that is getting older and is starting to experience a lot of damage. Therefore, many fields began to apply the concept of go green to preserve the environment. One of them is the green hotel that we will discuss, t-mate.

In Indonesia, there are already several hotels that have green hotel certifications. Well, if you still don’t understand what an eco-friendly hotel is, recognize some of these characteristics, t-mate!

Characteristics of Green Hotels, Hotels with Eco-Friendly Concepts

t-mate who is still not familiar with this green hotel, it is important to know some of its characteristics. Here are 5 of the 12 characteristics of green hotels based on the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

1. Raw Materials and Environmentally Friendly Products

The concept of go green or eco-friendly is indeed inseparable from the use of raw materials or products that are environmentally friendly. In the case of this green hotel, the use of environmentally friendly products can be started from equipment such as furniture made from recycled wood.

Green Hotel - Furnitur Menggunakan Bahan Daur Ulang

In addition, materials such as toiletries in the form of soap, shampoo, and towels containing go green material.

2. Free from Cigarette Smoke

Hotels that get green hotel certification are hotels that have absolutely no cigarette smoke, you know. Besides making the experience more comfortable, it certainly feels healthy and beautiful, if you choose this hotel as your lodging accommodation.

Green Hotel - Bebas Asap Rokok

This is because cigarettes are included in waste carbon. So, get ready you will receive a warning if you smoke in the hotel area.


3. Using Energy Saving Lights

Lighting is indeed an important aspect of a hotel. However, hotels that are included in eco-friendly are hotels that carry energy saving. In order to compensate, using LED lights is the best way to still be able to provide the needed lighting and keep energy efficient.

Green Hotel - Menggunakan Lampu Hemat Energi

In fact, it’s not just a matter of lights, you know. For some hotels, there are those who apply the use of air conditioning which can regulate the temperature of the room automatically. So, when the room is empty, the AC will automatically shut down.

4. Good Water Management System

The water management system is not only in the form of savings in its use. But it can also be seen from good wastewater treatment, such as recycle. So, the wastewater doesn’t pollute the surrounding environment.

In fact, St. Regis Bali Resort makes seawater that can be consumed daily. This good water utilization and treatment make it a Green Hotel certified hotel.

5. Sound Pollution Control

You know, t-mate, besides having good air flow, controlling noise pollution is one of the characteristics of a green hotel. So, these hotels have a very good location and away from the noise that might disturb guests staying at the hotel.

 Jauh dari Polusi Suara

So, when you stay at a hotel with a green hotel concept, it is certain that you will not be disturbed by noise or noise pollution. It is suitable if you want a staycation and away from the crowds.

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