Getting Around South Korea


Getting Around South Korea Conveniently, Transportation Guide

Getting Around South Korea – Want to go on a vacation to South Korea but confused about how you will be getting around in there? No need to be confused anymore, t-mates. Because in fact the public transportation system in South Korea is very easy to understand.

Not only because the taxi drivers there are very friendly, but also a lot of public transportation that provided written information in English. If you are still confused, there are still many local people who are ready to help.

The Transportation to Get Around South Korea

Public transportation is indeed an attractive choice when you are on vacation somewhere. In addition to being cheaper and easier than using a private vehicle, you can also see the sights along the way.

If you are already curious about what transportation options in Korea are available to the public, then you can continue reading this article. It would be very useful if you want to vacation in South Korea.

1. Subway

getting around south korea

The network of subway systems in South Korea is one of the most sophisticated in the world. There are more than 400 stops and many routes are available to many places in almost all cities in Korea.

Most of the information available at each station is written both in Korean and English so that visitors can more easily understand the route to take if they want to go somewhere.

If you want to get around South Korea frequently using this transportation, then it’s a good idea to use a subway card that can be purchased at the station or at several convenience stores.

2. Taxi

Although there are not many taxi drivers who can speak English, but getting around South Korea using taxi is also fairly safe and affordable, as long as you use a taxi service that is based on metered rates.

Besides that, taxis are also very easy to find not only in big cities, but also places that are quite far from the city center in South Korea. If you have trouble finding a taxi, you can come to the nearest train or subway station that provides a taxi point.

3. Bus

If you want a more affordable way to go from one city to another in South Korea, or the city you want to go to does not provide a route by plane or train, then you can take the bus.

If you want to go to another city from Seoul, you can come to the Seoul Express Bus Terminal and Central City Terminal which provide a large selection of routes to other cities in South Korea.

In addition, the express bus in South Korea also offers high comfort for all passengers. You can tilt the chair back and the buses also frequently equipped with air conditioner.

Then, cities in South Korea also present local buses. Although not as comfortable as an express bus, but the facilities and comfort of the bus are very sufficient to take you to some places within the city.

4. Train

Well, getting around South Korea by train is undoubtedly the most convenient and fast. Before boarding the train, you should first buy a Korail Pass to make your trip easier.

You can ride KTX (Korea Train Express), a bullet train that is very famous in South Korea. The train connects Seoul to Busan. You can travel it in just under three hours.

In addition, the KTX train is also connected to many major cities in South Korea so you can get around more easily. Not to mention the train is clean, sophisticated, and quiet.

You can buy KTX train tickets, Mugunghwa and Saemaeul online via the KORAIL website. In addition, you can also buy train tickets at the station. But you should buy it from the days before, if your holiday schedule to South Korea falls on a busy holiday season.

5. Ferry

Ferries are also one of the transportation in Korea that is very reliable to cross to a number of islands. This ship connects major destinations such as Busan, Incheon, Jeju, and Mokpo with islands as far away as Ulleungdo.

6. Plane

Korean Air and Asiana are the preferred airlines that are very popular in South Korea for domestic flights. Both airlines provide a large selection of routes to many airports in cities in South Korea.

You can get plane tickets to get around South Korea at a cheaper price for flights from Monday to Thursday. While on holidays, usually prices will be more expensive and even difficult to get a seat.

You also don’t need to worry about choosing an airline, because ticket prices for domestic flights in South Korea are usually available at prices that are not much different from one airline to another.

Gimpo International Airport provides almost all domestic flights to and from Seoul. Meanwhile, Incheon International Airport provides domestic flights to Busan, Daegu and Jeju.

Easiest Way of Getting Around South Korea

South Korea offers many transportation options that you can use to get around. Those 6 way of getting around South Korea above are the best choices for you. Now it’s time to see a sample of a 7 days South Korean itinerary. Interested? Let’s go, book your flight ticket to South Korea at