Funny Meanings of OTW


What Does OTW Really Mean? And Also Other Funny Meanings of OTW

The funny meaning of OTW – Friends, you must have heard so often the OTW words? This abbreviation is really happening in millennials. So, it’s no wonder that there are lots of memes, slang words, until the slang dictionary is taken from the abbreviation.

Besides the real words which mean On the Way, or the alternative of On My Way, there are many other funny OTW meanings that can make you laugh. You could not even think about the meaning and definition of the following.

If you make an appointment with your friends to hang out or meet up, they say “OTW”, but they haven’t arrived yet, after a while. So the terms of OTW that they said might have other meanings. Find out the other meanings from the OTW word that your friend said below.

Funny Meanings of OTW that Make You Laugh

1. On The Way

The most normal definition and the meaning of OTW is indeed what the words stand for, which are On The Way. It means that you are already on your way to your destination, or the situation when you have gone to the place where you want to meet someone.

Aarti Lucu Otw - On the Way

For example, if you make an appointment with friends somewhere, such as an appointment to eat at Mall Kelapa Gading, you can say OTW when you are literally on your way there.

Well, after saying that you are on your way, but what took you so long to arrive? So, you are on your way to where? On your way to the bathroom, or what?

2. Oke Turu Wae

The funny meaning of the OTW has indeed been everywhere. The funny meaning or the slang of the term will definitely make you laugh! Okay Turu Wae, which comes from Javanese, means Okay let’s sleep instead.

Arti Lucu OTW - Oke Turu Wae

Well, it’s better to be sure that your friend saying OTW is not saying that they’ll go to sleep instead of get going. Because it’s so sad if you want to ask somebody to hangout, but the person is still in bed.

3. Oke Tinggal Wae

Another funny meaning of OTW that can make you laugh is “Okay Tinggal Wae”, or that means “okay just go without me.” This one really is the meaning of OTW that’s really right if your friends said OTW, but they haven’t arrived after hours.

Arti Lucu OTW - Oke Tinggal Wae

So, that’s it, you can just go without them. Because you have waited a long time, but he does not show up? Lol, don’t get too serious.

4. Ojo Takon Wae

Other OTW meaning that could probably make you quite annoyed is Ojo Takon Wae. The phrase means “don’t ask again and again”. Well, it is natural when you have an appointment with someone and you haven’t show up til late and they ask where you are.

Arti Lucu OTW - Ojo Takon Wae

Then it turns out, the meaning of the OTW said by your friend is Ojo Takon Wae. Then how do you respond if the OTW referred to by your friend is Ojo Takon Wae, aka “Stop Asking”?

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