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9 Myths and Facts of Tanah Lot, His Charm Always Makes You Miss Bali!

Tanah Lot tourist attractions still seem to be excellent tourist attractions on Bali Island. Even though many new destinations have sprung up, which are beginning to be seen by tourists, Tanah Lot tourist attractions still have their own charm that is not easily forgotten. Well, for those of you who want to visit or even have visited Tanah Lot, here are 9 myths and facts that Tanah Lot Bali might have never crossed your mind.

What are the myths & facts of Tanah Lot Bali that will fascinate you? Come see the list of 9 myths and facts of Tanah Lot Bali below.

9 Myths and Facts of Tanah Lot Bali You Need to Know

There Are 8 Temples in Tanah Lot

Mitos dan Fakta Tanah Lot - Pura Tanah Lot

This is the first fact of Tanah Lot. Pura Luhur Tanah Lot is a complex of sea temples to worship the sea guard gods. In the area of Pura Luhur Tanah Lot, there are 8 (eight) temples that function as shrines. These eight temples in the Tanah Lot area are Penataran Temple, Pura Penyawang, Jero Kandang Temple, Enjung Galuh Temple, Batu Bolong Temple, Batu Mejan Temple, Pura Pakendungan, and Tri Antaka Monument.

Built by Dang Hyang Nirartha

The legend about Tanah Lot Bali is one of the most famous legends on Bali Island. Once upon a time, a prominent Brahmin from Java intended to spread Hinduism to Bali. This respected Brahmin named Bhagawan Dang Hyang Nirartha. The construction of Tanah Lot was carried out based on instructions from the holy rays that emerged from the direction of the South Sea. It was also told that the rock as the location of the establishment of Tanah Lot was a rock that was moved to the middle of the beach with the spiritual power of the Brahmana.

Guarded by The Holy Snake

Mitos dan Fakta Tanah Lot - Dijaga Ular Suci

You who have visited Tanah Lot must have seen the existence of a holy snake in this sea temple. The holy snake of Tanah Lot is in the Cave of the Holy Snake. The fact of Tanah Lot about the existence of this holy snake is one factor that attracts many tourists. That said, the holy snake of Tanah Lot is the incarnation of Dang Hyang Nirartha’s scarf.

This holy snake is colored in black (white and black) and very venomous. However, locals believe that if visitors do not have bad intentions when visiting the Tanah Lot Temple, then the holy snake will not attack. What do you think about this myth or fact?

Ceremony Performed Every 210 Days

This is another fact of Tanah Lot. In Tanah Lot ceremonies or Piodalan or Pujawali are held every 210 days. The ceremony at Tanah Lot falls 4 days after the Kuningan Day. Not only the local community who came to do the sacred ceremony in Tanah Lot, but also Hindus who came from other regions in Indonesia. In this ceremony, Hindus will pray for welfare & safety in life. Before the ceremony, Hindus who will pray must wash their faces with holy water in the Tanah Lot cave.

There is a Holy Spring

Mitos dan Fakta Tanah Lot - Mata Air Suci

The fact of Tanah Lot about the presence of fresh water in a temple surrounded by the sea may indeed surprise many people. However, that’s how it is. There is a holy spring located in the Tanah Lot Temple area of Bali. This holy spring is found in the holy water cave. According to the myth, the Tanah Lot holy spring has the ability to cure various diseases.

Tanah Lot Has Been Renovated

This is the next fact of Tanah Lot that you should know. Did you know that the temple which is also one of the favorite tourist attractions on Bali Island has been renovated? The Tanah Lot Temple area is very prone to abrasion due to ocean waves. Therefore, this famous temple in Bali has been renovated. The first renovation was carried out in 1987. Efforts to renovate and protect Tanah Lot were still carried out until February 2003 and had spent 95 billion in funds. Wow!

Visiting Tanah Lot with Partner, Could Cause a Breakup?

Mitos dan Fakta Tanah Lot - Bisa Putus

In addition to the amazing variety of facts of Tanah Lot, there is also the myth of Tanah Lot which is widely trusted by locals and even by tourists. It is said that, if you invited your girlfriend or boyfriend to come together to Tanah Lot, then the relationship could end. Scary enough, right?

However, even so, there are also many couples who choose to do pre-wedding photos at Tanah Lot. What about you?

Close to Melasti Beach Waterfall Tourism Object

Facts about Tanah Lot, then, is its presence close to other attractions that are no less interesting, namely the Melasti Beach Waterfall. Melasti Beach Waterfall is water that falls from a cliff and plunges directly into the beach. Besides the beauty of the waterfall, you can also enjoy the beautiful Melasti Beach which is located near Tanah Lot. Do you want to go there?

A Charming Place to See Sunset

Mitos dan Fakta Tanah Lot - Sunset

The fact that this Tanah Lot certainly cannot be denied by anyone. For those of you who like to hunt sunset, try coming to the Tanah Lot Temple area. Tanah Lot is the location to see the perfect beauty of the sunset. If you want to see the beauty of the most charming sunset in Tanah Lot, you can come from 1 hour before sunset.

Surely you won’t be bored to visit again and again to Tanah Lot? No wonder. Tanah Lot does have its own beauty that can make you always miss Bali. So, immediately order flight tickets to Bali at and enjoy the beauty of Tanah Lot Bali.

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