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7 Facts About the Beauty of Lake Toba That Will Amazed You!

Facts of Lake Toba – Lake Toba is a volcanic lake located in North Sumatra Province. With a lake area reaching 1,145 square kilometers, and a depth reaching 450 meters, this lake is one of the largest lakes in the world.

Are you from Medan? Or maybe you have traveled to Medan, and visited Lake Toba? How about it, t-mates? Isn’t it beautiful, this lake on Samosir Island?

Behind the beauty of Lake Toba that is amazing, it turns out that there are many facts that you need to know, t-mates. Like the 7 facts of the beauty of Lake Toba that will be tiket.com present it to you here.

7 Facts of Lake Toba, the Best Location for Tourism in Medan

t-mates who have never been to this tourist attraction in Medan, of course, are still wondering about the lake that holds a lot of this beauty, right? Before you go on vacation to Lake Toba, let’s find out 7 facts about the beauty of Lake Toba below.

1. The most beautiful volcanic lake in the world

Lake Toba is a lake formed by volcanic eruptions, namely Mount Toba, which occurred around 800,000 years ago. From the eruption that occurred, Mount Toba spewed its eruption material and made the surrounding crater turn into a lake.

Fakta Tentang Keindahan Danau Toba- Danau Terbesar dan Terindah di Dunia

With these natural phenomenon, Lake Toba is the largest lake and also the most beautiful lake in the world. Not to mention, this tourist spot also stores other natural beauty that make it even more interesting to visit.

2. Mount Toba Ever Erupted 3 Times

Before it formed into a lake, Lake Toba is a volcano that falls into the category of Super-volcano. This is because Mount Toba has a large magma bag, and is able to erupt its calder up to tens of thousands of kilometers.

Fakta Tentang Keindahan Danau Toba- Pernah Meletus Sebanyak 3 kali

Do you know, that Mount Toba has erupted 3 times? The first eruption occurred 800,000 years ago, the second eruption 500,000 years ago, and last erupted 74,000 years ago.

The third eruption of Mount Toba is what forms Lake Toba with Samosir Island in the middle of its lake.

3. Located on 3 Tectonic Plates

Indonesia is one of the countries in the position of three tectonic plates, namely Eurasia, Indo-Australia, and the Pacific. This also makes Mount Toba has a position that is disaster-prone. Because the location of Sumatra Island is right on the Eurasian plate.

These three plates will continue to shift every year, and the Eurasian plate is almost always the target of the shift. Therefore, the islands in Indonesia which are in the position of the Eurasian plate are disasters-prone. Like Banda Island, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

4. Eruptions That Causing Climate Change

The eruption of Mount Toba is indeed the most powerful eruption in history. In fact, due to the eruption of Mount Toba, nearly 60% of the world’s living population became extinct at that time.

Not only that, due to the eruption of Mount Toba, some parts of the world have experienced extreme climate change. Such as total darkness for 6 years and also a decrease in temperature that occurred for thousands of years.

In fact, there is research that says that the eruption of Mount Purba Toba also resulted in prolonged volcanic winters in East Africa. Perhaps, from this history the name of Lake Toba is known in the whole world, and makes it a famous tourist destination.

5. There are Batak Fish, Fish that Only Exist on Lake Toba

Facts of the Beauty of Lake Toba - Batak Fish

Not only that, the fact of the beauty of Lake Toba also includes the lives of Batak Fish (Neolissochilus Thienemanni) which only live on Lake Toba. This Batak fish is a typical fish species whose population is now threatened with extinction. This is because Batak Fish have high economic and social values.

6. Favorite Reading Destinations

With the natural beauty of Lake Toba, it’s no wonder this lake is a favorite destination for tourists on vacation. In addition, there are many unique things that can be found in this lake. Like there are 5 Volcanic Islands in Lake Toba that also provide a beautiful view when you vacation to Lake Toba.

Do you know, t-mates? In fact, Lake Toba is also as famous as Bali Island in the eyes of the world. But the eruption phenomenon that happened around 800,000 years ago make Lake Toba more famous than Bali Island. Because the history of this Lake are very interesting for some tourists, especially when the eruption caused the climate change almost in the whole world.

7. Surrounded by 12 Waterfalls

Lake Toba has an amazing natural beauty. In addition to the lake and Samosir Island in the middle of the lake, Lake Toba is also surrounded by 12 beautiful waterfalls.

No wonder if this tourist spot is always favored by tourists who come to the land of Medan and make Lake Toba as their tourist destination. 12 waterfalls that surround Lake Toba are also the destination for tourists.

Among them are Efrata Waterfall, Sigarattung Waterfall, Situmurun Waterfall, Binanga Bolon Waterfall, Siboruon Waterfall, Janji Waterfall, Sampuran Waterfall, Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall, Sigura Gura Waterfall, Tonduhan Waterfall, Sipiso Piso Waterfall, and Simanimbo Waterfall.

Vacation to Medan, and Enjoy the Beauty of Lake Toba

Behind the beauty of Lake Toba, it turns out there are lots of interesting facts that make this lake crowded with local and foreign tourists. t-mates who have never been to Lake Toba and want to take a vacation to this tourist destination. Book a flight ticket to Medan on tiket.com to be able to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba and its natural surroundings. Also get interesting experiences on vacation in Wakatobi, and find out the best things to do in Wakatobi.