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10 Facts About Blackpink That You Must Know, BLINK Definitely Know It!

Blackpink in your area! For K-popers, you will be familiar with this one tagline, who else if not Blackpink! This girl group is famous among kpop lovers. Beautiful face and great stage action anesthetize everyone who watches it. Want to know more about who Blackpink is? Check out 10 Blackpink Facts, here!

10 Blackpink Facts You Must Know

  1. Consisting of 4 Members, 2 from Outside of South Korea

The first fact of Blackpink is that they are K-pop girl groups consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. The four members each have positions in different groups. Jisoo as a visual group or the most beautiful, Jennie as a rapper playing group, Rose as a group vocalist and Lisa as a group dancer. Different from other K-pop groups, 2 Blackpink members namely Rose and Lisa are from outside South Korea. Rose was born in New Zealand and lives in Australia while Lisa is from Thailand.

  1. Old Trainee Period

To become a K-pop idol requires training time before debut. The next Blackpink fact, members undergo a training period of 4 to 6 years. Jennie is the longest member who underwent an idol training followed by Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose. They are trained vocal, dancing, stage action, acting to appearance to become the perfect idol k-pop.

  1. Fluent in English

The fact that this one Blackpink is pretty cool to know. Because, having two members living abroad, it’s no wonder they can master more than one language. Rose grows in Australia and New Zealand so English is definitely the first language for them. Jennie had attended school in New Zealand for 5 years before training became an idol. While Lisa grew up in Thailand and has a father who is from Switzerland so he often communicates with English.

  1. The only Girl Group from YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment is one of the three biggest Kpop agencies in South Korea. Carrying the flow of westernized music and hip-hop, many successful groups drop out of this agency. 2NE1 is a well-known girl group from YG Entertainment who debuted in 2009, but had to broke up in 2016. Blackpink’s facts later After 2NE1 broke up, Blackpink debuted in August 2016 and is now the only girl group from YG Entertainment.

  1. Meaning of the Blackpink Name

Every K-pop Idol group has a group name that represents their identity. Blackpink’s facts about this one concern the name of the Blackpink group itself. Before this name was chosen, another candidate would be called Pink Punk. However, after that, it was changed to Blackpink which means this group has two sides. Black symbolizes them as a strong and charismatic group while pink symbolizes feminine and graceful. So, Blackpink has a charismatic and feminine side at the same time.

  1. Achieve Many Awards

10_Fakta Blackpink - Meraih Banyak Penghargaan

This fact of Blackpink will make you even more amazed by YG Entertainment’s girl group. Because, only about a year since its debut, Blackpink has received many music awards and become the top girl group in South Korea. In fact, they have won the Inkigayo music program trophy only 13 days after their debut. Several great South Korean music awards such as the Gaon Chart Music Awards, the Melon Music Awards and many more have been obtained by Blackpink.

  1. Club of Blink Named Fans

An artist will not be big without fans who always support them. Do you know, if the name of the fan club from Blackpink is Blink? The next Blackpink fact, Blink is taken from several letters in the name of the Blackpink group itself. The Blinks are also spread in various parts of the world, because of the popularity of Blackpink that is already worldwide.

  1. Only Has 1 Mini Album Since Debut

Fakta Blackpink - Baru Memiliki 1 Mini Album Semenjak Debut

This fact of Blackpink is quite surprising because, since its debut in August 2016, Blackpink has always released digital singles without albums like any other K-pop group. Only after their comeback yesterday in June 2018, Blackpink released a mini album containing 4 songs. The album titled “Square Up” has a flagship title track entitled “Ddu-du-ddu-du” which successfully topped the Korean and international music charts after being released.

  1. Have Their Own Reality Show

Many artists have different personalities in front of and behind the camera. The fact of this time is Blackpink, they have a reality TV program that displays the daily lives of members while on stage. The program, entitled “Blackpink House” featured the other side of Blackpink which was actually feminine, adorable and funny in contrast to the very charismatic stage.

  1. Girl groups with the highest number of YouTube subscriber in the world

Fakta Blackpink - Girlgroup dengan Jumlah Subscriber YouTube Terbanyak di Dunia

The last fact of Blackpink, besides the achievement of songs on the music charts, Blackpink’s video clips have always been a trending topic for each release. Blackpink’s YouTube account is currently recording a record as a female group with the highest number of YouTube subscribers, with 13 million beating Little Mix and Fifth Harmony from the United States. Even the video clip of the song “Ddu-du-ddu-du” won around 36 million viewers in the first 24 hours. Wow, daebak!

Not surprisingly, Blackpink is now one of the most famous K-pop girl groups in the world. With some Blackpink facts above, it’s no wonder that many Indonesian Blinks want Blackpink concerts here.


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