Best Place to Go When Exploring Medan With Family

Horas, sobat tiket! Medan always has so many interesting reasons to visit. As we know, Medan is one of the largest cities in the northern part of Sumatra Island and has plenty of characteristics that always make us wanted to come to this city again and again. If you often travel alone to Medan, this time you must take your family with you to go to this lovely city.

Exploring Medan with your Father, Mother, partner, or even the kids is indeed a pleasant idea. Moreover, there are many tourist attractions in Medan that are able to make you and your family fall in love with. Well, if you have decided to visit Medan, you should first find out the various cool tourist attractions in Medan.

1. Durian Ucok

Interesting Things in Medan

When you are visiting Medan, you certainly have to try the popular fruit called durian, especially the Durian Ucok. It feels like Durian Ucok is the spirit of Medan. Especially for those who really like this fruit, visiting Durian Ucok is indeed a must.

If you and your family want to search the best durian while enjoying the lovely ambiance of Medan, you can come to Durian Ucok that located at Jalan KH. Wahid Hasyim, Medan.

2. Kumango Chicken Noodle

Interesting Things in Medan

Not only in Jakarta and other big cities, but people of Medan also like chicken noodle. There are lots of chicken noodle shops scattered throughout the city of Medan, but not many have good taste. Mie Ayam Kumango or Kumango Chicken Noodle is one of the best chicken noodle shops that you must visit while in Medan.

3. The Great Mosque of Medan

Interesting Thing in Medan - Great Mosque

Medan is really famous with its Great Mosque. In fact, every time you enter the word Medan on Google, you would probably find this mosque in the first page of the searching results. If enjoying the beauty of this mosque is not enough, you can try the delicious food that sold around the mosque area. You can have some traditional snacks of Medan.

4. Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni

Interesting Thing in Medan

Besides the Great Mosque, another tourist attractions in Medan that you and your family also need to visit is the Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni. This is one of the most beautiful and historical churches in Medan.

The decoration and architecture are enough to amaze you and your family. The outdoor decoration is quite complicated, but this place is really cool to visit. You can see that the architecture of this place is a combination between Hindu, Islam and Christianity styles.

5. Merdeka Walk

Interesting Thing in Medan - Merdeka Walk

Medan is famous for its food, and you can feel like you are in heaven when tasting the food. Besides having a so many kind of souvenirs, this city is also has a lot of great culinary spots.

Do you want to try the evening culinary of Medan with your family? Then you can definitely go to the Merdeka Street. This place is very popular because of the food variations that you can find. There are many types of food available in this place.

6. Karo Roast Pork

Interesting Thing in Medan - Karo Roast Pork

In Indonesia, not everyone can eat pork. With all due respect, for you who don’t eat pork, but this menu is very popular among the people of Medan. It feels incomplete when you are visiting Medan but not try this food.

For those who like to eat roast pork, it seems you really have to come to the Karo Roast Pork. Located on the Jalan Letjend Jamin Ginting area, there are lots of Karo Roast Pork that you can visit.

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