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Jogja Itinerary 3D2N – Make Your Vacation More Efficient

Example of Jogja Itinerary – Itinerary or travel plan is one important thing in traveling. Indeed, some travelers consider this trip plan will actually be considered a disruption to surprises that are spontaneous. But for backpackers who are only on vacation for a few days and taking into account the budget, making travel plans is a must. This itinerary is important for predicting time and destination along with travel costs. What is an example of an effective Jogja 3 Day 2 Night itinerary? Check out the following review!

Example of a Jogja Itinerary 3 Days 2 Nights 2 Million Budget!

Complete survey. The first example of a Jogja itinerary is to conduct a survey of the place as complete as possible. You really have to find information about interesting places and how to get there. Because in this sophisticated era looking for information is already very easy, just click on the google search column and voila! No need to be confused again, buddy.

You can also buy guidebooks such as Lonely Planet, Frommers, or Eyewitness Travel at bookstores. Usually, inside is complete information starting from lodging, dining, transportation, and destination areas. You can also ask your friends or family who has been to your destination for a clearer survey. Don’t forget to find out the amount of money that will be issued. It would be better if the inn is close to the places that will be addressed.

Determine Goals According to Interest, Time, and Money. Example of the Jogja itinerary is to determine the goal. Goals can be varied, for example, you want to go to a destination for shopping, nature, culture, or just want to see history and cultural heritage. From your destination later, you can prioritize which places to visit. The problem of time, you certainly have to determine how long to stay in the destination, how many hours it takes to visit a tourist attraction and determine how many attractions you can visit in a day.

Arrange the itinerary. Arranging an itinerary is crucial in traveling planning. You already have a lot of information and want to visit all the places, but you have to be realistic, make a plan that fits your pocket and your time. Don’t know how to make an itinerary? Relax, will give you one simple itinerary for 3 days 2 nights. Open your notes, hold the pencil and make a table with 4 horizontal columns titled Date, Location, Time, and Activity. Like this example of the Jogja itinerary traveling 3 days 2 nights with historical tourist destinations:

Cost estimation:

Roundtrip train ticket Rp. 585,000, –

Rent a palace guide Rp. 20,000, –

Rent a Taman Sari guide Rp. 5,000, –

Transportation (taxi, rickshaw, bus) Rp. 200,000, –

2 nights hotel Rp. 360,000, –

Prambanan Temple Ticket Rp. 30,000, –

Prambanan-Boko canal ticket Rp. 30,000, –

Boko Temple Ticket Rp. 25,000, –

Eat during vacation Rp. 300,000, –

Spend Rp. 400,000, –

Other costs Rp. 200,000, –

TOTAL Rp. 2,155,000, –

The example above is just a rough picture. You can still minimize spending with smarter planning. Fill in the example of this Jogja itinerary just in broad outline. Because traveling is always unpredictable, the important thing is you have a handle on your schedule before so that it doesn’t blank when you arrive at your tourist destination. Make the itinerary as comfortable as possible, do not be too dense and impose several places at once, the holiday must be enjoyed with a happy heart instead, right?

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