What’s Happening on August? Things that Will Make You Happy! 

August can be one of the months that everyone is waiting for in Indonesia. What’s happening on August? The answer is simple: a lot of surprises are coming up this month!

You may call yourself lucky because your read this article and know that tiket.com will give special gifts for you. Before we move forward, let’s dig deeper to know more information about the month of August! 

What’s So Special About August?

August is here and with it comes a lot of surprises to make you happy. Check out what’s interesting about August.

1.  History of August’s Origin

August was named Sextilis in Latin because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman Calendar. In the Roman Calendar, there were only 10 months, excluding January and February. 

King Numa Pompilius then added January and February to the calendar. So, August finally became the eigth month with a total of 29 days. Julius Caesar added two days to the month around 45 BC.

2. Birthday for People Under Leo and Virgo Zodiac Signs

People under Leo and Virgo zodiac signs were born in August. Your zodiac sign is Leo if you were born between August 1 to 20, while your zodiac sign is Virgo if you’re born between August 21 to 31.

People born under the Leo sign usually have a high level of confidence. Meanwhile, Virgo likes to prioritize his friends’ interests. This also means that Virgo is a very caring person.

3. Indonesia’s Independence Day

August 17th is a very important date for all Indonesian citizens. On this date in 1945, Indonesia proclaimed its independence from the Netherlands. This also means that the 350-year-long Dutch rule in Indonesia had come to an end. 

This year, during the Indonesia’s 74 years of independence, Indonesians conduct a flag raising ceremony to honor the sacrifices of the national heroes.

4. tiket.com’s Birthday!

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