UltimEight, tiket.com Birthday Treats, How to Get it?

Hooray, tiket.com is celebrating 8th anniversary on August 12, 2019. All the prayers and support from you is the reason why we are here today. Thank you for trusting tiket.com to be your travel companion all this time, t-mates!

In this special moment, we would like to give you a special promo called the UltimEight. You can order airplane tickets, hotels, trains, car rentals and attractions at very low prices!

How to Get UltimEight Promo from tiket.com

For those of you who are curious about this promo, you can follow these easy steps below. After you know the steps, book the tickets immediately and here you go! You can go to the destination that you’ve been dreaming of all this time!

1. Install tiket.com Application

First of all, you need to install tiket.com app on your smartphone. tiket.com app is available for you to download for free either on Google Play of the App Store.

There are many benefits of using tiket.com application. Not only that you can book easily, you also can obtain attractive UltimEight promo!

2. Login or Register as a tiket.com Member

If you have installed tiket.com app on your smartphone, you can directly log in or register if you haven’t become a tiket.com member. 

Why do you have to become tiket.com member? Besides the benefits mentioned above, you can get attractive offers. Moreover, you can also collect TIX Points and redeem it for various rewards.

3. Buy tiket.com Products

UltimEight promo from tiket.com applies to products that you book through tiket.com, such as flight tickets, hotels, trains, car rentals and attractions. See…you can rely on tiket.com as a solution to your planned vacation.

  • Flight Ticket: You can fly to your dream destination, either domestic or international routes, with airline ticket prices starting from 800,000 IDR.
  • Hotel: Do you want to take a long break? No problem. Save more on your vacation because you can book domestic & international hotels with discounts up to 38%.
  • Train: Returning to our hometown is simpler by train. Relax, tiket.com offers 58,000 IDR discounts for train tickets!
  • Car Rental: Drive around the city, rent a car from tiket.com for only 80,000 IDR!
  • Attraction: Invite your friends or family to visit favorite attractions ts for only 80,000 IDR!

4. Take Note of the Important Points, Alright?

Before you purchase the products at tiket.com, there are a few things you need to know. It’s not that complicated 😉

  • You can only get UltimEight promo via the tiket.com app from both Android & iOS.
  • You can order the products mentioned above and get UltimEight promo starting from August 7, 2019.
  • Pay attention to the travel period. This means you can book plane tickets, hotels, trains, car rentals, and attractions for certain period.
  • Terms and Conditions apply. You can read more on the promo page for each product.

Celebrate tiket.com’s Birthday by Going on Vacation, Yay!

t-mates, you don’t have to bother preparing gifts for tiket.com because we are the one who will give you special gifts through UltimEight promo.

Thank you for your support all this time, enjoy the promos from us and Happy Holidays !!!