6 Types of People You’ll Meet at Class Reunion, Which One Are You?

Meeting again after 5 or 10 years in a class reunion? Don’t know whether you should come to the event or not? You’re probably not the only one! Some people may think the same way like you do.

Instead of thinking about how other people will perceive you, consider what surprises may lay out there. How your friends have evolved?

There are many different types of people who come to a class reunion. Wanna guess? 

Class Reunion, What to Expect?

You’ve decided to attend a class reunion somewhere in your hometown or out of town. You’ have planned to book flight tickets by using tiket.com. Before you go, it is a good idea to know what kind of people you’ll meet there. Here are the types of people you might encounter during a school reunion:

1. Smart and Very Successful

Class Reunion

Chances are, in a school reunion, you’ll meet a girl or a guy who excelled at school, and still excel in whatever they do today. After finishing college, they become a doctor, an architect, a lawyer, or a scientist. They have accomplished many things in life, and it looks like they are not going to stop there.

You have scrolled through his or her Instagram feeds all this time and figured out that they have traveled the world every month. They live in a big house and bought branded stuff frequently. Yes, this is one of the types of people you will probably meet during a class reunion. 

Most of the time, these type of people were the ones that went under the radar at school. They stayed quiet and suddenly everything changed. Now, they own a Ferrari or even a yacht! Just WOW!

2. Gossiper

Sometimes, people come to a special event only for the purpose of digging more information about other people’s lives. Not because they care. But because they just want to get updates and tell it to other people. Yes, gossipers are real 😉

They may pretend they care about you by asking a lot of questions about your personal life, but they are just curious. So, be prepared to meet this kind of person in a class reunion! 

3. Come for Food

This type of person sees the invitation for a school reunion, and he or she feels excited. No…not because he or she wants to meet up with long lost friends, but because he or she thinks that the food in that restaurant is going to be tasty! This type of person may come for an hour and leave. Do you have any friends who may do this? I bet you do! 🙂

4. Nice Person

In high school, he always helped his friends with homework. He is the one who never say anything bad about other people and just continues doing what’s good for his life. This type of person is a cure for every nightmare because talking to him is needed after a long day of small talk that gets too awkward.  

5. Long Time “Enemy”

Class Reunion

Remember the time when you hated this person so much in high school because she stole your boyfriend. Your “enemy” in high school was the one who acted like she knew everything and you knew nothing. Even after 10 years, she may still be the same person.

When the school reunion starts, you and her probably will avoid any conversation or even bother to say ‘hi’ when you meet each other. 

6. The No-Show

Okay, you probably will only see him or her on the guest lists’ attendance. Yes, they chose not to show up in the class reunion. Reasons may vary. Maybe they think that going to a class reunion is too lame. Perhaps they already have a family and don’t have the time to hang out. Or they may be living overseas. Who knows?

Ready for a Class Reunion? 

Alright, when you’re coming for a school reunion, sometimes you might not expect that your friends will change, either for better or for worse. However, why not give it a shot? This type of reunion doesn’t happen often and you better experience it!

Remember not to say things that may hurt your friend’s feelings. Just be polite and enjoy the event!