Fear of Flying


6 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Flying, Keep Calm on Your Next Flight

Fear of Flying – Maybe some of you still have flying anxiety all this time. Don’t worry, many people feel that way.

What you should keep in mind is the good thing about flying. It can make a long distance seems so short 😉 Imagine you can reach another part of the world in just a few hours!

If you dream of seeing the world, you must overcome your fear of flying, t-mates. Just so you know, the truth is, flying on a plane is safer than driving a car! 

Cure Your Fear of Flying with Simple Tricks!

So, you want to overcome the fear of flying? tiket.com will give you some tips on how to do that so you can explore the destination you’ve been dreaming of all this time!

1. Wrong Understanding about Turbulence

Many people are afraid of flying because of turbulence. In the period of turbulence, it feels like the plane is losing control, and people may be panicked.

Do you know that in fact, turbulence on flight is a normal part of flying. More importantly, commercial planes are engineered to withstand turbulence. When you understand more about this, hopefully you’ll be more comfortable the next time you fly.

2. Choose Morning Flight

If you feel anxious about flying, you can choose morning flight when the sky is bright. Generally, morning flights are better because the air is less bumpy. While thunderstorms can happen anytime on the day, there is less chance to hit one in the morning. Thus, to avoid turbulence, you can get on an early flight.

3. Choose to Seat Over the Wings

Best seat on the plane to avoid turbulence is over the wings. This is because the wings of the plan keep it balance and smooth. This is typically between rows 10 and 30, depending on the airline.

Furthermore, the closer you are to the front of the plane, the less turbulence you’ll feel. To ensure you get the seat you want, make sure to tag the seat you want in advance by doing the online check-in.

4. Get a Flight Upgrade

Fear of Flying

In a long-haul flight, you’ll get tired easily. If you have enough budget, you can upgrade to business class or even first class so you can move freely. 

The more you’re comfortable you are with the long-haul flight, the more you can sleep well and be able to conquer the fear of flying. If you feel comfortable, you will be happier for sure!

5. Study Aircraft Safety Level

Learning about procedures and safety standards can make you calm. All pilots and flight crews learn the same information so they can stay calm when an emergency occurs.

Training on safety procedures and standards conducted by pilots and flight crews is carried out regularly. You can find out about how safe an airplane is on the internet.

6. Just Go!

Fear of Flying

What are you waiting for? Just go because there are a lot of beautiful things out there waiting for you. The vacation destination that you’ve been dreaming of all this time is waiting for you to visit.

Just buy the plane ticket and you’re on your way to explore the world. You don’t need to worry if you have to cancel your flight for some reasons, because tiket.com now has a Worry-Free feature that can provide you up to 100% refund!

Beat Your Flight Anxiety, Go See the World

Feel better now? Keep in mind that flying is fun! If you have successfully overcome your fear, now is your time to go on vacation.

What’s better is that to go on a vacay every year!! Yes, it is possible!