Tricks for Winning the THR Quiz, Let’s Win The Free Umrah Package!

Carrying out Umrah is certainly the dream of every Muslim anywhere. Being able to set foot in the holy land, as well as performing worship at the center of the world Qibla indeed makes anyone have aspirations to be able to go there.

t-mates also wants to go Umrah? Here it is, tiket.com comes with a million happy news for all t-mates wherever you are!

What’s the good news?

In this Ramadan month, tiket.com holds a THR Quiz that can take you to Umrah for free! Wooow, those of you who have dreamed of being able to go Umrah are sure to be very happy when you get this news, right?

So, if you want to go to Umrah for free and invite 1 family or your relatives, Don’t miss the THR Quiz from tiket.com, okay?

How to Get Free Umrah at the tiket.com THR Quiz

THR Quiz Free Umrah

To be able to win this free Umrah ticket, of course there are a number of mechanisms that you need to do, t-mates. However, how to get it is not difficult. You certainly can do it easily.

First, you only need to log in with your Facebook or Gmail account at the tiket.com/thr link anyway. After that, collect points that you can get through the quizzes that are given every day.

Answer all the questions correctly, so you can collect as many points as possible. Remember, the main winners who can get this free Umrah package are those who managed to collect the highest points at the end of the period.

You need to know, every category on the THR Quiz can get different points. The details of each point for each of these categories are as follows.

1. The correct answer for Daily Reward Category questions = 100 points.

2. The correct answer for Augmented Reality Category questions = 500 points.

3. The correct answer to the THR Video Category questions = 500 points.

Well, you also need to know. For the first 25 people that answer the Daily Reward Category questions correctly, there are 200 points for you. So, you have to be smart in managing your strategy to be a winner! Don’t forget to answer questions every day so that your points shot up and become winners.

Next, you can find out how to join the THR quiz so you can win the grand prize of the free Umrah Package on THR Quiz from tiket.com.

Win the Grand Prize on the tiket.com THR Quiz

Come on, t-mates, you have read the Terms & Conditions that you have to do to win this Hari Raya Ticket Quiz from tiket.com?

Invite all your friends, family, relatives, and neighbors to join this THR Quiz. Get the chance to get 2 Umrah packages for 2 people for free, and also vouchers with a total of tens of millions of rupiah.

When else you can get this opportunity if you don’t join the tiket.com THR Quiz? So, get ready and be the winner!