5 Things to Do if You Won THR Quiz


Hey, Here are 5 Things You Can Do If You Won THR Quiz!

It’s impossible if you still don’t know what THR Quiz is, right t-mates! By joining this quiz during the holy month of Ramadan, you can win free Umrah and gift vouchers from tiket.com worth a total of tens of millions of rupiah this year. Hooray!

Since the prizes are very tempting, of course, you’ll be really excited to join the THR Quiz from tiket.com. Is that right? You can join the quiz on tiket.com/thr

But… unfortunately, the quiz has been ended. Read the article When Will the Winner of Tiket Hari Raya Quiz be Announced to know more about Tiket Hari Raya Quiz.

Now, let’s just say you have won the THR Quiz. What are some wonderful things you can do? Here are the 5 things you do with your prizes, t-mates!

5 Best Things to Do When You Win the THR Quiz

Have you ever thought that you’ll be able to realize your dreams one day? If you are the lucky winner of the THR Quiz, you can probably do that, t-mates!

1. Going to Umrah

Going to Umrah

Thanks God, if you get a chance to win the free Umrah package, you can invite your parents, relatives, or spouse to pray together in the Holy Land. Isn’t that a Ramadan blessing?

You have the opportunity to win free umrah packages from tiket.com for two people, each package for the 1st and 2nd winner. 

Who knows you can collect the highest points by the end of the period and get free umrah packages from tiket.com. Amen!

2. Plan a Trip to Your Dream Holiday Destination


In addition to giving out free umrah packages, Tiket Hari Raya Quiz also provides tiket.com gift vouchers for those of you who became the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winners.

The 3rd place winner will get a flight voucher worth IDR 15,000,000 and a hotel gift voucher worth IDR 15,000,000.

The 4th place winner will win a flight voucher worth IDR 10,000,000 and an IDR 10,000,000 hotel voucher.

If you become the 5th place winner, you will receive an airplane gift voucher worth IDR 5 million and a hotel gift voucher worth IDR 5 million.

Alright! If you have received all those gift vouchers, all you need to do is to think about your next holiday destination and just go!

Do you want to make your family happy by taking them on a vacation to Bali? Or do you prefer to go to a cool destination that you’ve been dreaming of all this time? It’s your choice! Make your dream come true, t-mates!

3. Become Popular on Social Media

Well, sometimes showing off is not good. But, it is not always bad either, t-mates. Imagine if your name appears as a winner of tiket.com THR Quiz, and you share it on your social media. Would you be proud? Yes! You’ll become popular among your friends.

4. Avoid Uncomfortable Questions at Family Gathering

Family Gathering won THR Quiz

During the Idul Fitri holiday, THR Quiz has not ended. However, your name will be there on the Leaderboard. Hence, there will be an excuse for you to avoid uncomfortable questions from your relatives, such as “When will you get married?” or “When are you going to graduate?”

The main point is, every time someone asks you “scary questions”, you can just change the topic by saying, “Look here, see my name here!”

Everyone will be amazed instantly because they will realize how good you are in answering all the quiz’s questions. If they like a challenge, they can also decide to take part in the quiz immediately.

5. You can Extend your Idul Fitri Holiday

Extend your Holiday won THR Quiz

As we have explained earlier, besides Umrah packages, you can also get gift vouchers. By using this gift voucher, you can extend your holiday. Hooray!

Okay, are you ready to become the winner?

Save the date: 25 June 2019!