Watch Arts as a Social Action at Solo International Performing Arts 2019

Who’s going to East Java, Indonesia, this month? There’s an exciting event you’d not want to miss in the city! For those who like performing arts, this is gonna be the right place to spend your day.

You know that an artist always has a unique way to present their grandeur and extraordinary work. Let’s go to Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) 2019, which will be held at Vastenburg Fort on 6th – 8th September 2019.

This event lasts only for 3 days, so we’d suggest you hurry to book your flight or train ticket to Solo, to watch this spectacular performance presented by talented artists!

What is SIPA?

SIPA - 1

SIPA or Solo International Performing Arts is an international art performance featuring artists across the globe. There’ll be artists from numerous countries perform colossally, in a 20×16 meter wide stage.

The event will showcase various art performances in front of Vastenburg Fort and the most important info is that it’s free of charge! So whoever of you wanna come, feel free to come during those three days 😉

What to Expect

This year, SIPA carried out “Arts as a Social Action” as their theme. Art was created by humans as a form of cultural expression and social expression. Nowadays, art can be found in everything related to the natural environment, gender, or even political movements.

Art can be adapted to almost all aspects of life. The presence of SIPA is to bridging social issues and artwork communication to a wide audience. The performance has a purpose to strengthen the relations between people and between community groups.

SIPA - 2

The artists believe that arts can bring peace, harmony, and tolerance to make the world a better place to live for everyone. If you’re planning to come, don’t forget to watch its fantastic fireworks performance in the opening and closing, it’s gonna be lit!

Besides the stage performance, the audiences can also find many bazaars selling popular food and beverages from Solo also the traditional souvenirs and handicrafts. Buy several pieces and bring back home to your family and friends!

The Performances

There are gonna be both local and international artists perform on the stage at SIPA. Dance, music, and other arts performance that you’ll surely enjoy. Here we’ve compiled the list for you:

SIPA - 3

Local Artists

  • De Tradisi (Medan)
  • Fierart Dance Group (Bandung)
  • Labor Seni Terasuruh (Aceh)
  • Malay Dans Studio (Riau)
  • Mila Art Dance (Yogyakarta)
  • Folakatu Art Tidore (Tidore)
  • Kemlaka Sound of Archipelago (Solo)
  • Duta Seni KS (Banten)
  • Abib Igal Dance Project (Yogyakarta)
  • Aceh Performance Art

International Artists

  • HI Mask (South Korea)
  • Senju Kabuki Dance Company (Japan)
  • Korea National University of Arts (South Korea)
  • Yamato Dance Unit (Japan)
  • The Arts and the Aesthetics (India)

How to Go There

If you’re around Solo, reaching Vasternburg Fort is easy. You can take a taxi or ride-hailing to the venue. If you come from other cities, it depends on how you’re getting to Solo. By bus, it usually stops by Tirtonadi Bus Station then from there you can go by taxi.


For those who come to Solo by train, you’ll arrive at Balapan Train Station. If you want the fastest transportation, book a flight ticket to Adi Sumarmo International Airport. At every transportation point, there’ll be a lot of taxis or traditional public transportation that can take you to SIPA.

Explore Solo!

Besides watching the art performance, Solo is worth to explore. Tourists can enjoy the city by visiting its exciting attractions, such as Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta, Batik Kauman Village, or Kliwon Market. Don’t also forget to try traditional culinary in Solo that will tempt you over and over again!