5 Simple Tips to Go on A Vacay Every Year, Yes You Can!

Go on a Vacay Every Year – Who doesn’t like to go on a holiday? Sometimes all we need is to take a break from our daily routines and go on a looong vacation, right? Holiday may cost a lot of money and you may end up thinking that you need to postpone your plan.

In fact, from the budget that you have, you can arrange your time and money, then plan for a vacay every year. Sounds impossible? Let’s check out the tips from tiket.com below.

Don’t Skip A Year without a Vacation! 

Planning for a vacation at least once every year is fun. You can collect the memories and share it with your friends and family later after you come back to your hometown after a vacation. Take a look at some tips to have a great vacay every year:

1. Create a Special Savings for Holiday

It is common sense that you need money to visit your dream destination. You need to spend money to buy flight tickets, hotel, transportation and souvenirs. That’s why creating a savings goal is important to make sure your vacation can run smoothly. 

Try to create a separate savings especially for a vacation. Be sure to pile up your money until you reach a certain budget you think is comfortable for you. Do this gradually, and your dream will come true!

2. Arrange your Vacation Leave

Before you go on a vacation, you need to get an approval from your boss about the time-off. Make sure you tell your boss a few months in advance, so it won’t come off as a surprise for your team.

It is gonna be annoying if your boss keeps contacting you when you’re on leave. So, better to make sure you have finished all the tasks before you go. Also, make sure your colleague who will do part of your work knows how to handle all those tasks. 

3. Plan Ahead

If you’re planning to visit a destination that is far from your hometown, you have to plan ahead. Remember that you must think about the flight ticket, hotel and transportation. Make sure you don’t miss anything.

As you may already know that it is better to book the flight ahead of time, say a few months before you go because the ticket price can rise significantly near the departure time. Want to save budget? Avoid going out on a peak season from July to August, for instance.

4. Join Open Trip

You want to go on a vacay but don’t want to think too much about the trip? Just so you know, open trip is a holiday package where you can go on a trip with other people who are having the same interests as you.

By joining an open trip, you don’t need to think about the destinations because the open trip organizer has already planned for you. Thus, just follow the tour and you won’t get lost!

5. Use tiket.com Promo

This is a very special tip for you. You can use tiket.com promo and find an affordable accommodation or flight ticket. tiket.com has a variety of promotions that you can enjoy.

Various promotions are available on the site such as flight ticket promotions for domestic and international routes, car rental, train tickets, and events. You can use one app for all your needs! 

Let’s Go on A Holiday, t-mates!

Who said you can’t have a holiday every year? By applying those tricks above, you can have a nice vacay.

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