Eid is Coming, Ramadan Special Offers from tiket.com is Still Here!

Hi, all t-mates. It’s only a few days left till ramadan is over. Then after that, we are going to welcome Eid day that is full of fitrah. Are you all ready to welcome the Eid al-Fitr 1440 Hajj?

Well, every time we celebrate Eid, there are some traditions that we almost always do in Indonesia. Some of these traditions are going home (mudik), halal bi halal, eating ketupat, buying new clothes, uttering takbir, and also giving away THR to your relatives.

What about you, t-mates? Are you among those who receive THR, or is it time for you to giveaway some THR to your siblings? Either way, you can still get THR from tiket.com aka Ramadan Special Offers to celebrate Eid.

There’s Ramadan Special Offers from tiket.com for All of You

You can still get THR aka Ramadan Special Offers from tiket.com. For those of you who are curious about how to get it, or what can you use the THR from tiket.com for, then read on and you’ll find the answers.

1. Buying Flight Tickets with THR from tiket.com

For those of you who want to go back to your hometown to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with all of your beloved family, you can take THR from tiket.com to book a flight. No need to worry about running out of tickets, because there are still many seats available for you.

Taking a flight to come home for lebaran is indeed the most convenient choice, because you can return home quickly. Now, you can use Ramadan Special Offer from tiket.com to buy flight tickets with discounts of up to one million.

2. Stay Comfortably in Your Hometown with THR from tiket.com

In addition to airplane tickets, you can also use the Ramadan Special Offer from tiket.com to book a hotel room in your hometown. Thus, you can stay comfortably in a hotel with all family members.

If you book a hotel room via tiket.com, you can use the THR which can give discounts of up to one million. Interesting, isn’t it? Come on, go get your THR from tiket.com now.

3. Having Abroad Trip During Lebaran Holiday? Why not?

Not only can you use it to book hotel and flight tickets, THR from tiket.com can also make your dream of having a vacation abroad comes true. Because THR from tiket.com is not limited to hotels and flight with domestic routes only.

You can book flight tickets to the country you want to visit, and also book a hotel room in that country. It’s really exciting, right? Well, let’s book international flight tickets and hotels using THR from tiket.com.

Hooray, You Can Still Get Ramadan Special Offers!

Homecoming will definitely be more comfortable if you use THR from tiket.com. Book flight and also your favorite hotels at a big discount now by using the THR promo from tiket.com. If you want to know more information about this promo, you can directly visit the THR promo page only on tiket.com.

Wait, there’s more information for you. If you want to perfect your observance, tiket.com has prepared an attractive prize for you, which is free Umrah. You can join the THR Quiz from tiket.com, answer some questions, collect as many points as possible, and win the grand prize, free Umrah!