Malaysia is Under Lockdown, Here’s What You Should Do with Your Hotel and Flight Bookings

Update: 25/03/2020

Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had announced on Monday that Malaysia will undergo a national lockdown to limit the spread of COVID-19. This also means that the authorities will ban the inbound and outbound flights to/from Malaysia.

This lockdown is expected to last from 18 March – 14 April 2020. The big question over Malaysia’s lockdown will probably come from those of you who have booked the hotel and flight to Malaysia at tiket.com during that period of time.

Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to find out.

Flight and Hotel Refund Info During Malaysia’s National Lockdown

Under this situation, tiket.com always wants to prioritize the safety and comfort of all t-mates. For those of you who already have booked flight tickets or hotels in Malaysia between 18 March – 14 April 2020, here’s some important info for you.

1. Hotels in Malaysia

During this lockdown period, hotel bookings in Malaysia either online or in person will be closed. To be noted, Malaysian hotels will operate as usual until all guests who are currently staying have already checked out.

For those of you who have booked a hotel room in Malaysia on the dates mentioned, just sit back and relax. You can cancel your booking easily by using Hotel Refund feature on tiket.com app. Go to tiket.com help center on hotel refund for more details. 

2. Flights to Malaysia

With the current national lockdown status in Malaysia, flights to and from this country are no longer allowed. Due to this condition, you can change your flight departure date (reschedule) or cancel your flight and request a refund. 

If you have purchased your flight tickets to Malaysia via tiket.com, you can immediately submit a refund request. Head to tiket.com help center to get full information on how to reschedule and how to get a flight refund.

Stay Safe and Healthy, t-mates!

Hopefully, the information provided by tiket.com helps your current situation. tiket.com hopes all of you’ll always be safe and healthy in the midst of this outbreak. If you need help, simply contact tiket.com Customer Care via Whatsapp on 0855 1500 878, email at [email protected], or by phone at 0804 1500 878.