Lombok Series: Explore Romantic & Instagrammable Pink Beach 

Pink Beach Lombok – Holidays are coming! Have you planned for a vacay? Taking a vacation is good for your health and it can help you to reduce stress! Well, there are many hidden treasures in Indonesia, one of them is Lombok.

Have you ever been to Lombok? Known as the ‘Island of 1,000 Mosques’, Lombok is special for many reasons. It is filled with beautiful beaches such as Pink Beach and Malaka beach. In Lombok, you can spend your precious time by trying its local foods, visiting tourist attractions and see the beautiful sunsets.

Explore Pink Beach in Lombok

Is this the first time you’ve heard of Pink Beach? What goes on your mind when you hear that word, t-mates? A beautiful sea with pink water? Well, the truth is, it is a pink sand beach. With a wide seashore and clear water, this beach is unique and one-of-a-kind.

To reach this beach, you must order a boat to get across the sea. The best time to visit Pink Beach is in the morning. It is best to visit the place between February to March.

Do you know that there is not only 1 Pink Beach? In Lombok, there are Pink Beach 1, Pink Beach 2 (Segui Beach) and Pink Beach 3.

Have a Good Time at Pink Beach

There are many activities you can do after you arrive at Pink Beach. You can do some water activities, take a lot of pictures and relax. When you get hungry, don’t worry! There are many places that serve good and authentic food from Lombok. Try to eat fresh grilled seafood!

Source: Odelia Agatha doc. – tiket.com

Beaches around Lombok’s Pink Beach

Source: Odelia Agatha doc. – tiket.com

Before you reach Pink Beach, you can stop by other smaller islands. Here are some of the beautiful places you should visit:

1. Gili Petelu

Source: Odelia Agatha doc. – tiket.com

On the way to Pink Beach, top by Gili Petelu and Gili Pasir. Gili Petelu is a perfect location for snorkeling because you can see colorful fishes inside the pristine water, so beautiful! 

Unfortunately, you can’t get off at this island. However, you can still see the beautiful island from the boat that you rent, t-mates.

Source: Odelia Agatha doc. – tiket.com

2. Gili Pasir

One unique thing from Gili Pasir is its sand. You won’t see the stretch of the sand anymore between 12 – 1 p.m. in the afternoon. Morning is the best time to stop by at Gili Pasir. You will see a stretch of sand. The clear blue water gives you a beautiful impression although there are not many activities that you can do in this island.

Source: Odelia Agatha doc. – tiket.com

When you set foot here, you will find many starfishes with various size. You can touch it and please remember to be kind 🙂

Exciting Holiday in Lombok? Why Not!

Do you want to have an exciting holiday? Don’t forget to visit Pink Beach at the right time! Close to Lombok, there is also the paradise island which is Bali. If you have more free time, visiting Bali is a good alternative!

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Have a good vacation!