THR Quiz from tiket.com, Follow These Easy Steps to Win the Prize

T-mates, have you already know that tiket.com is giving away prizes for all of you by just answering some questions? Well, the main prize that you can get here is going umrah for free!

Interested, aren’t you? In addition to free umrah, there are also other prizes that will be given by tiket.com for lucky t-mates. You can also win flight and hotel voucher gifts from tiket.com. Exciting, right?

Now, these very attractive prizes will be given to t-mates who are diligently participating in the quiz held by tiket.com and answering all the questions correctly. If you want to know more about how to join the THR quiz, see the points below.

How to Take Part in THR Quiz to Win Free Umrah

What do you have to do to be able to join the THR quiz held by tiket.com? There are few easy steps that you need to follow. You just have to prepare your smartphone, internet connection, and follow the steps below.

1. Go to the tiket.com/thr Microsite

First of all, all you have to do is open the browser on your smartphone. After that, in the search column, you can type the name of the site, namely tiket.com/thr, or you can also directly click on the link.

2. Find the Questions

Well, on the tiket.com/thr site, you can find questions that you have to answer correctly. The question will always be updated every day, so don’t forget to check the update, t-mates.

3. Answer the Questions

After you find the question, then all you have to do is answer the question correctly. The question asked is not difficult. The question relates to everyday things, general information, features on tiket.com and so on.

4. Collect as Many Points as Possible

After you answer the question correctly, you will get a number of points. Well, you can collect these points as much as you can to win the grand prize, the free Umrah from tiket.com. Very easy, right?

Three THR Quiz Categories

In addition to the four points above to take part in THR Quiz from tiket.com, there is more important information that you need to know. This THR Quiz consists of three different categories. You can read all three categories below.

1. Daily Reward Question

The first THR Quiz category from tiket.com is daily reward. In this category, you can find short question at the tiket.com/thr microsite. There you will find questions with multiple choice answers. This category will be updated every day.

2. THR Video

The second category is that you have to watch the THR videos which you can also find at the tiket.com/thr microsite. Watch the video, then answer the questions mentioned in the video to get additional points.

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

Well, this category is really cool. While traveling to various places in Jakarta, pay attention if there are t-man images appearing around you. You can scan the image to bring up the AR feature and get a quiz that can increase your total points if you answer correctly.

Take the Quiz and Win the Main Prize

Very exciting, isn’t it, the THR Quiz held by tiket.com. In addition to a very easy way, you also have many opportunities to add the number of points you have.

You can find the leaderboard that displays participants with the highest point at the tiket.com/thr microsite. If you want additional points, you can share THR Quiz from tiket.com to all of your friends or family to get 150 bonus points.

Let’s go, take the quiz and win the main prize, free Umrah! You also have the chance to win the other THR Quiz prizes, which is definitely a lot. Happy collecting points, t-mates! We wish you the best of luck!