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Malang Series: Exploring the Hedge Maze at Coban Rondo

Going to Malang isn’t complete without a visit to Batu city. This city offers you many interesting destinations to explore with your friends, family, or probably for those who are on solo traveling. In Batu, there’s one tourist area known as Coban Rondo. So, what’s special?

Well, besides its popularity because of the waterfall, there are various activities that you can find and do at this place, such as to walk through the hedge maze or labyrinth garden. Read on to know more about this interesting maze!

Natural Activity Area in Coban Rondo

coban rondo

Situated in the same tourist area with the waterfall, this labyrinth park of Coban Rondo is accessible around 1 km away from the entrance gate. The tourist area of Coban Rondo itself is located in Pandensari Village, Pujon District. If you wanna go to the waterfall, you’ll see this park right after the outbound areas.

The entrance ticket that you have to pay at the entrance is valid for all areas in Coban Rondo. Wanna go to the labyrinth park then to the waterfall? You only have to pay once! However, if you want to try outbound activities like flying fox, ATV cart, horse riding, and segway, you need to pay an extra ticket starts from 30,000 IDR per hour.

Test Your Ingenuity in the Labyrinth Park

coban rondo

Among the many interesting activities in Coban Rondo, the labyrinth park is one that attracts a lot of visitors’ attention. The park is open to the public from 8 am to 5 pm, where you can try your luck by walking through the maze that will drain a lot of energy, thoughts, and even feelings.

Having a wall about 2 meters high that is covered with leaves, you can enter this labyrinth park with friends or maybe just yourself. If you want to see the shape of the labyrinth, you can climb the tower at the entrance to see the whole maze. But, believe us, you won’t even remember the way. Just get lost and find the exit, it’s gonna be fun!

The purpose of this labyrinth park is to find a fountain in the center of the maze. To find it, it’s necessary to walk down labyrinth lanes filled with confusing twists and turns. Don’t give up! Because in the end, everything will be paid off!

Beautiful Flower Garden Nearby

Once you feel satisfied exploring the labyrinth garden, now is the time to rest between the beautiful and charming flower garden. Right in front of the labyrinth area, you can find a vast expanse of flowers with a beautiful chair in the middle. If you like flowers, you will be very happy to be here and take photos with the colorful background!

You can see various beautiful flowers with various types in this park. In addition, you can also find a rocky ground functioning as acupuncture to massage the nerves in your body. For visitors who want to take beautiful photos, the park also provides its own good photo spots.

Practicing Concentration by Playing Archery

Another interesting area that t-mates can visit in Coban Rondo is the archery and soft gun area. Located not far from the flower garden, you can just follow the path straight toward the public toilet. Then, you will find many visitors playing archery or soft guns.

coban rondo

Curious to try? The best part is that it costs you nothing! Yes, it’s totally free because everything is included on your entrance ticket. You’ll be given as many as 5 arrows and 3 bullets. Need more? You can pay an extra of 5,000 IDR for 5 arrows and 10,000 IDR for 5 bullets.

However, if it gets crowded, t-mates have to be patient when waiting for your turn. If you haven’t tried the games before, don’t worry because there are guides who can help and teach you. Sounds fun, right?

Come to Coban Rondo in Malang and Enjoy the Activities

Besides a visit to Batu Night Spectacular, Batu offers you so many things like in Coban Rondo area where you can do a lot of activities. Besides seeing the beautiful waterfall, there are also many outdoor activities to do all in one place! So what are you waiting for? Book your flight ticket to Malang now. Don’t make your wallet screams in ache, use countless promos from!