Exciting Things You Can do at tiket.com Booth during Synchronize Fest, Let’s Find Out!

Are you a music lover? If you are, you should join Synchronize Fest 2019! Going to a music event will make you happier and even create beautiful memories that you can keep for the rest of your life. 

Many well-known artists will perform in Synchronize Fest. To make the event more wonderful, tiket.com will provide a booth to entertain t-mates! There will be many interesting activities that you can do at the booth.

But first, buy Synchronize Fest 2019 tickets at tiket.com! 😉 Invite your family, partner, or friends to go with you! After you have bought the ticket, you are ready to join the festival from 4, 5, 6 October 2019!

Exciting Activities at tiket.com Booth During Synchronize Fest 2019

You  must be curious right? Yes, what’s the surprise from tiket.com? To know more, visit tiket.com booth during Synchronize Fest and experience it yourself. For a hint, below are the list of things that will be showcased inside the booth:

1.  Karaoke Spot

This is a music event. So, to make it more exciting, tiket.com provides a karaoke spot that people can use to have fun! Well, come and try it later!

Of course, you can sing your favorite songs with your friends. Sing until your lungs give out! Have fun, t-mates.

2. Charging Station

You come to the Synchronize Fest, but forget to charge your phone? You also don’t bring your powerbank? Fret not! At tiket.com’s booth, you can charge your phone!

3. Water Station

After you sang with your favourite artists, you might feel sooo thirsty! tiket.com’s booth comes to the rescue! Just go to tiket.com’s booth and take some rest! There’s a free water station for you, t-mates!

4. PlayStation VR

tiket.com has something very exciting for you, t-mates! There is a PlayStation VR at tiket.com booth that can make your day at Synchronize Fest more wonderful! Ready to play the game?

There will be various games using modern VR technology that you can try, t-mates. You’ll feel like the game is so real! Experience it and we bet you’ll want more and more.

5. Meet & Greet with Artists

This must be something that you’ve been waiting for, t-mates! Meet & Greet with your favourite artists at tiket.com booth! Of course you can! tiket.com is calling all fans of Elephant Kind, Fourtwnty, and NTRL to go to tiket.com’s booth.

There will be an opportunity for fans of those group bands to meet, take pictures together and get their signatures! Isn’t that an amazing thing? To make sure you can join all the activities at tiket.com’s booth, download tiket.com app first! 

So…..are you ready for the Synchronize Fest? Get Synchronize tickets now and don’t forget to invite all of your friends. There are some good hotels close to the venue. It’s better for you to stay at the hotel if you want to get the most out of the festival. Have a fun weekend!!