Don’t Say These 5 Things at Your School Reunion and You’ll Be Fine! 

Your high school time may be something that was very memorable. If that’s the case, school reunion should be something you’ve been waiting for. For an extrovert, this could be a special time when you can meet old friends and share your recent life’s stories. However, an introvert may think of a class reunion as a nightmare.

Well, whether you are the type of person who just wants to have a small talk, eat and go home, or the one who enjoys the vibe of meeting old friends, make sure you don’t say anything that can hurt other people’s feelings during a class reunion.

What You Need to Know Before Coming to School Reunion

Yes, coming to a school reunion means that you must be prepared on how other people will judge the way you look, your career, your family and so forth. What are the things that you shouldn’t say to other people during this special event?  Let’s check them out!

1. WOW, you gained weight!

This is an absolute no-no. Body shaming is never a good idea, especially if you say this to your friend in front of the public. To make it worse, you and your friend haven’t met for a long time, so saying this kind of thing could be considered rude. 

Think about this. Your friend who had gained weight for more than 10 kilos and he may have tried his best to lose weight. But it didn’t work out. Yet, he still spared his time to meet everyone, including you. So, it is better to be more considerate 😉

2. Why aren’t you married yet?

School Reunion

No matter how old your friend is right now, it is rude to ask about his or her personal problem. You may not know your friend’s situation in the past. Imagine if your friend had been married, but got divorced recently. Wouldn’t your question make the whole situation become super awkward?

This type of question can be offensive to almost everyone. Who knows if your friends prefer to enjoy their lives alone? Or maybe they just haven’t found the right one. That’s why, it is better to avoid this kind of question in a school reunion.

3. Your baby is adorable!

Yes, you know that your friend got married. She has a two-year old kid. In a school reunion, you ask, “Your baby look cute. Can I take a look at her photos?” You know what, that day is definitely going to be a loooongg day. Your friend will show you hundreds of pictures of her baby that all look pretty much the same.

Chances are, she will have at least 1,000 pictures of her baby in her smartphone that she will show to you. Yes, you guessed it right. Your conversation with her will go on for hours and before you realized, the sky already gets dark 🙂

4. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life

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This is pathetic. You will make yourself look like you don’t have any plan in your life. When you say this kind of thing to your friend, be prepared to get sad eyes in return. Your friend will think that you have no life. They will think that you work hard everyday without getting a high pay in return 🙁

5. You haven’t changed a bit!

When you’re saying this to your old friend, they might think that you are just trying to be nice. Unfortunately, your friend might not think that you’re saying this in a positive way. Tell me, who wants to look exactly like when they were in college? Or high school? Nobody.

Saying this means that your friend didn’t do anything to improve themselves all this time. In fact, it is quite insulting!

Avoid Saying Those Things at All Cost

School reunion is the time when you can meet your old friends and updates about what they are doing all this time. Maybe you can make business connections or a group of people that you can hang out with regularly. To make sure you don’t leave hurting other people’s hearts, be sure to avoid saying bad things at all cost.

The truth is, the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young. So, be kind to everyone, because you only live once! When coming to a school reunion, expect to meet various types of people, and don’t forget to simply be yourself! Wanna book a train ticket to meet your old friends at different city in Indonesia? Book it through tiket.com!