Calling All Festival-Goers! Let’s Have Fun at Big Mountain Music Festival in Thailand

If you crave something new and fun in Asia, you probably should go to the biggest outdoor music festival in the region. Big Mountain Music Festival (BMMF) is back this year in Thailand with a two-day jam-packed program!

But wait, before you decide to go, read through this complete guide about the festival so you’ll know what to prepare.

What is BMMF?

Big Mountain Music Festival
Source: Big Mountain Music Festival Facebook Page

The Big Mountain Music Festival, which lives up to its name, is now becoming one of the biggest outdoor music festivals in Southeast Asia. During six years since its debut in 2010, the visitors have grown from 20,000 to 70,000 and probably it’s gonna increase again this year.

This two-day music event runs around 200 acts across 9 stages. If it’s kinda boring for you to spend time exploring the culture and culinary, this Thai event is a great alternative. They’ll have a fresh lineup, which features Thailand’s Luk-Thung country music, Moh-Lam folk songs, and modern genres like rock, pop, indie, and electronica.

When and Where

Big Mountain Music Festival
Source: Big Mountain Music Festival Facebook Page

The festival is set to take over Kaeng Krachan Country Club and Resort in Phetchaburi, with camping grounds, food and beverage trucks, and stages on 7 – 8 December 2019. The venue is surrounded by the region’s towering mountains from which the fest takes its name.

As this year the BMMF is celebrating its tenth anniversary, there’ll be a huge 28-meter tall stage to host special performances from hip hop or EDM DJs and dancers.

More Than 200 Artist on the Lineup

Source: Big Mountain Music Festival Facebook Page

For festival lovers, you’ll regret if you don’t come to the BMMF. This year’s lineup is massive, with over 200 artists which mostly Thai artists. People can enjoy Thai folk music to pop, alternative rock, indie, EDM, hip hop, and even country. The music will totally unite everyone who comes from different countries and speak different languages.

Check out the full lineup and rundown here!

Ticket Prices

Big Mountain Music Festival

The normal price is 2,500 Baht and VIP passes 3,000 Baht. There are some categories which provide a tent also depends on how many people you come with. Purchase your ticket here.

Where to Stay and How to Go There

Source: Big Mountain Music Festival Facebook Page

Going to Thailand is easy-peasy! Fly to Thailand with your favorite airlines, which land either at Don Mueang or Suvarnabhumi Airport. Now after getting your flight ticket, all you need is to book a hotel in Thailand.

There is a variety of accommodation that you can choose around the festival ground. From the budget hotel to the luxurious resort, choose your hotel based on your budget and needs. Book via tiket.com and have your hotel voucher on hands seamlessly!

Since the festival will be taking place in Kaeng Krachan Country Club and Resort in Phetchaburi, click here to find the closest accommodation to the festival venue.

Explore Thailand, Beyond Bangkok

Big Mountain Music Festival

While you’re in Thailand, why don’t you go around and explore the culinary, culture, or its natural beauty? If you’ve been to Bangkok before, let’s head to Phuket and enjoy the beautiful beaches!

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