best time for school reunion holiday


Best Time for a High School Holiday Reunion, Undoubtedly a Memorable Experience with Your BFFs!

Entering a quarter-life crisis? Maybe that’s the time you miss your school times, when everything was alright or when the problems you faced were only about assignments and high school sweetheart, perhaps.

The days of school or college certainly have a lot of unforgettable memories. Especially when you have that cool squad or high school babes that always got your back throughout your school life.

Sometimes it also saddened you that you have to separate with them due to different paths that each of you had to take when you grew up. Well, if you miss them too much, how about making a reunion by going on vacay with a full team?

Best Time for Reunion with Your Squad

Holiday with your good old friends? Well, sounds nostalgic enough… And surely will be fun! Go text or call your gang, then plan a reunion while holi-yay! Still not sure when is the best time for a reunion holiday?

Fret not, we’ve compiled 5 best time for you to skip the daily routine but have fun with your BFFs instead. Read on below to find out!

1. End-Year Holiday Season

There are basically two important holidays in the end-year, and the good news is that we’re approaching it already! Who doesn’t like Christmas and New Year holiday, anyways?

While during the Christmas holiday people often enjoying time with family, after that you can celebrate the festivity of New Year’s Eve with your friends on any destination that you like. Going to the beach, staycation, or getting around the city? Your call!

Gather with friends while enjoying the holiday will definitely be memorable. Besides it’s the time to reunite with each other, you can strengthen the friendship bond, and also create another plan for next year’s reunion!

Suggested destinations: Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Amsterdam, or Bandung always have the festive celebration during New Year’s Eve that everyone will enjoy.

2. College Holiday

best time for school reunion holiday - college holiday

For t-mates who are still pursuing your degree, sometimes you kinda hard to choose the time because of everyone’s class schedule that always differs from each other, correct? But there are times when you miss school days where you just had fun with friends.

How about a reunion during a college holiday? Some universities or colleges usually have the same timeframe for a holiday. Either in summer or winter season. So, why don’t you choose the time and book the flight tickets right away?

Suggested destinations: A summer holiday will be a good time to visit the beach and get your summer pieces ready! If you wanna take a winter holiday instead, exploring Japan or South Korea is indeed a great idea.

3. Low Season Holiday

Speaking of holidays, deciding the time is important. If you often travel to many places, you surely know the right time to find a perfect flight ticket and accommodation at a very good price. It sounds excellent for a reunion holiday, right?

There are two holiday seasons; low season and high season. You and your friends wanna travel on a budget? Choose the low season when everything won’t cost you a fortune! Besides, going on low season holiday will also help you to avoid a large tourist crowd.

Suggested destinations: You can visit Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand to travel on a budget. Even though Singapore is expensive, there are lots of tourist attractions that cost you nothing, means it’s FREE!

4. After Payday

best time for school reunion holiday - after payday

You know that in order to plan or join a reunion holiday, you need to prepare some money to make the most of it. Well, besides going during the low season holiday, you can actually go after payday! (especially for those who work already ;))

Because you can save up some expenses after payday, then use it for your travel budget! You can arrange how much you want to spend and what are the things you have to pay for your holiday with friends. Nothing is much more exciting than a payday, yes we definitely agree.

Suggested destinations: Fly to anywhere with!

Plan Your Reunion Holiday Right Away!

Now after you know when is the best time to make a high school reunion holiday, let’s choose the perfect destination. Maybe once in a while, it’s time for you and your high school babes to treat yourselves by having a luxury vacation at these dazzling places across the world. Because, why not? You guys deserve to create another memorable holiday!