Best Spots in Italy on Summer


7 Best Spots to Visit in Italy This Summer, Let’s Find Out!

Best Spots in Italy on Summer – With so many destinations across the globe to choose from, you might be thinking of where to go this summer. Why not consider visiting Italy? Whether you’re on a family vacation or on a honeymoon trip, going to Italy on summer is a perfect choice because it has wonderful beaches, nice mountains, and wonderful tourist attractions.

Summer in Italy falls between June and August. During summer, the weather can get as hot as 25-35 degrees Celsius. This is the right time to explore the city, while doing some fun physical activities such as cycling or hiking.

Since there are many nice spots in Italy, we have come up with 7 best places in Italy for you to consider when traveling to this romantic country.

7 Best Spots in Italy on Summer, Pack Your Bags and Go!

Italy stretches from north to south, and the weather during summer time is different depending on where you are. If you love outdoor activities, coming to Italy during the summer months are nice. However, if you can’t stand the heat, then you can also do fun activities at night such as going to restaurants or watch concerts or shows. Here are the list of 7 destinations you can visit in Italy during summer:

1. Lake Como

Best Spots in Italy on Summer

Lake Como must be in your itinerary when you visit Italy. The lake is situated in the north of Italy, just an hour away from Milan. When you visit this place, you can witness the third largest Italian lake with breathtaking scenery. The lake is shaped like an inverted Y, surrounded by lush gardens, luxury villas, and picturesque mountains.

For hundred years, Lake Como has been the top destination for rich and famous people. Many celebrities even bought villas on Lake Como to enjoy environment there. Nowadays, Lake Como has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. 

If you look closer, actually there are many budget-friendly activities that you can do here. Explore the area either by bike or boat. Shop for some souvenirs at Bellagio on Lake Como or eat a gelato. 

2. Cinque Terre

Dreaming of a honeymoon in Italy? Head to Cinque Terre, a place that you’ll always remember until the rest of your life. Cinque Terre consists of 5 coastal towns, namely Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

At Cinque Terre, you can see picturesque coastlines and colorful homes. The postcard-perfect beauty of the Cinque Terre is a gem for photographers. If you’re a tourist, you can take a lot of good pictures and post it on your social media.

If you come to this place with your significant other, you can enjoy your time chatting in a cafe, enjoying great food, and see the stunning ocean. Enjoy strolling down the road while embracing the building architectures, stunning coastal and mountain trails.

3. Florence

Best Spots in Italy on Summer

Another best spots to visit in Italy on summer is Florence. Today, about 13 million people visit Florence every year. Florence is known as the most cultural and historical cities in the world. Some of the activities that you can do here is exploring Florence Cathedral.

Florence Cathedral is also known as Duomo di Firenze in Italian. It is a jewel of the city that was constructed initially in 1436. Duomo, which is located in the city center, stands out from the rest of the buildings. The exterior of the basilica was covered with marble panels in various shades of green, pink, and white.

4. Dolomites

Nature lovers, if you want to see beautiful mountains, come to Dolomites. Dominated by 18 majestic peaks, the mountain range is a part of the Northern Italian Alps.

Dolomites is a great place to visit on summer because during this time, you can go for hiking or trekking while seeing the clear view of pink-grey walls of stunning mountains. Don’t forget to bring a light jacket or sweater because the weather in Dolomites might be a bit cold at night.

5. Naples

Naples is famous for pizza and gelato. The city is located on the western coast of Italy, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is the third largest city in Italy after Rome and Milan. Naples is one of the best spots to visit in Italy on summer.

Going to Naples will give you an authentic feel of Italy. Stroll around the winding cobblestone streets, enjoy the authentic pizza and go visit some of the historical buildings.

Best things to do in Naples include climbing Mount Vesuvius, visiting the ruins of Pompeii and visiting the Naples National Archaeological Museum.

When you’re  in Naples, please keep your eye of your own belongings to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime.

6. Rome

Summer in Rome is crazy hot, but there are many interesting things to do during these months. Usually, during summer time, temporary bars and cafes mushroom along the west bank of the Tiber, from Piazza Trilussa to Porta Portese.

Enjoy fun activities at night such as drinking cocktails or trying out world famous cuisines. Spending your summer time in Rome also means you can also watch movie screenings at night or go to nightclubs. Eat some Spanish tapas, drink summer cocktails and have a great night!

7. Amalfi Coast

A visit to Almafi Coast is something you should consider doing while you’re in Italy. Firstly, you can visit the town of Sorrento, which is known for its beautiful scenery ranging from coastal walks to artistic buildings.

Take lots of pictures of the pastel colored houses of Positano. It is the most picturesque towns on the Amalfi coast that lie on the mountainside. The amazing colorful scenery is best to be seen from a boat.

Amalfi town itself is a beautiful town that is packed with tourists. It is truly a stunning place that you can visit when you’re in Italy.

Summer in Italy, Discover Beautiful Lakes, Mountains

Planning to go on a vacation this summer? Italy is a great destination to consider because it has many epic landscapes. You can go visit Cinque Terre, Dolomites, or Lake Como. All of the destinations are nice to go during summer, which is between June and August.

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