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6 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places in Switzerland You Must Visit in A Week

Best Places in Switzerland – How would you spend a week in Switzerland? You’re probably wondering where to go to see breathtaking views of the mountains, villages, and old town. In fact, there are many places where you can enjoy stunning views of this beautiful, small country.

Welcome to Switzerland! Take your time to explore this country in a week by appreciating its natural scenery. It’s hard to choose when is the best time to visit this country because it is just so beautiful to visit either in summer or winter.

In summer, you can go for outdoor adventures like hiking and boating, while in winter, you can go on snowboarding or skiing. Yes, spending your holiday in Switzerland is mighty expensive, but hey! You’re on a vacation 🙂

7 Days in Switzerland. What Places to Visit?

When you have seven days to explore Switzerland, you better get the most out of it. It is best to explore Zermatt, Lucerne, Interlaken, and Bern! 

Transportation options available in Switzerland are train, buses or private vehicles. Traveling by train is by far the most economical way. Train stations are clean and comfortable. Taking a bus is not as convenient as train, but it is necessary to go to some places.

Basically, before you go to Switzerland, be sure to know what interesting places you must visit in a week. We’ve put together a list of places that are not to be missed when you visit this beautiful country. Here you go!

1. Zermatt

Best Places in Switzerland

The Matterhorn is the symbol of the Alps that you should not miss when visiting Zermatt. Does this look familiar to you? Yes, you might have seen this mountain when you’re eating Toblerone chocolate. This magical mountain is one of Switzerland’s most famous landmarks with the height of 4,478 meters.

Take a lot of beautiful photographs of the iconic pyramid-shaped mountain. If you love outdoor activities, you can have a great ski experiences in the Alps.  

Another attraction you can explore at Zermatt are the Gornegrat Railway, which is Europe’s highest mountain railroad running over open country. Moreover, you can also enjoy a spectacular cableway trip of the Kleines Matterhorn or have a good time by exploring the Matterhorn Museum.

2. Interlaken

Best Places in Switzerland

Day or night, there are plenty of things to do around Interlaken. You can take a boat ride on Lakes Thun and Brienz. Many outdoor activities are available such as walking, climbing or hiking. 

The views over Interlaken are spectacular. Get the best view of scenic mountains from the top of the viewing platform at Harder Kulm. Taking a mini gateway to Interlaken is going to be relaxing for you as you can stay in resorts surrounded by valleys, lakes, and glaciers.

3. Lucerne

Do you like to visit historical sites? If you do, come to Lucerne. Explore its museums, historical buildings such as Swiss Museum of Transport, Spreuer Bridge, Lion Monument and many more.

Lucerne has more than historical sites as you can also see its natural attractions. Get mesmerized by the magnificent Mount Pilatus, which is a 2,128-metre mountain. You can go up there by using a cableway.

In Lucerne, there is also an old town with tall painted houses and cobblestone shopping streets you can visit. Don’t forget to spend your time at Lake Lucerne as well to see the beautiful lakes with swans and ducks swimming around.

4. St. Moritz

If you come to St. Moritz during the wintertime, you’ll see a frozen lake of St. Moritz become the arena for polo and cricket matches. However, in summer, rowers, sailing boats, and fishermen take over the lake. 

Besides being known as an amazing place to do outdoor activities, St. Moritz is also known for its Alpine landscapes. Invite your family to go with you and try something local in St. Moritz, which is the Engadine walnut tart. It is made of shortcrust pastry, and contains caramel, cream and generous heaps of walnuts.

5. Bern

Bern, which is the capital city of Switzerland, is a place built on a sandstone ridge. It is famous for its art museum that boasts over 51,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and films.

When you visit Bern, you will feel like coming to a small town rather than a city, due to its serene surroundings. 

Go to the Bern’s historic clock tower to see the iconic landmark of the city that was constructed in the 13th century or enjoy markets and festivals that are there all year long in Bern. Some of the highlights you can enjoy are Bern International Jazz Festival, the Bern Busker’s Street Music Festival and the Onion Market.

6. Mt. Titlis

Best Places in Switzerland

Want to see the breath-taking views of the Swiss Alps from the top? Come to Mt. Titlis. From 3,238 meters above sea level, you can see the world of snow and glaciers. The peak is accessible via the rotating cable car.

Whether you are planning to go to Switzerland for 3 days or a week, this is the destination you should not miss. Mount Titlis should be on your bucket list!

Switzerland Gives So Many Reasons to Fall in Love

Regardless of when you want to travel, Switzerland gives so many reasons for us to fall in love because it has many beautiful places. You’ll love the mountains, lakes, history, architecture and so much more!

Not to mention that it has delicious chocolate and cheese. Souvenirs that you can give to your family and friends when you get back to your hometown. Can’t wait to go to Switzerland? Book your flight now via

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