Coban Rondo waterfall


Malang Series: Looking Back at the History of Beautiful Coban Rondo Waterfall

Coban Rondo or popularly known as “Widow Waterfall” is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Batu, Malang. Why is it called Widow Waterfall? How beautiful is it? To know more about this spectacular natural attraction, read more on the history of the waterfall below!

Location and Access to Coban Rondo

Coban Rondo is located in Pujon District, Malang, East Java. The journey from Malang to Coban Rondo takes about one and a half hours. You can either use car or shuttle bus to get to this tourist spot.

When you get to the entrance gate, you will see a welcome sign. The entrance ticket is 30,000 IDR per person to get into this tourist attraction. Ticket will be given to the visitor in the form of a wristband. Don’t lose it!

Coban Rondo Tourism 

To see the waterfall up close, you must walk for about 2 km from the entrance gate. The Coban Rondo area provides a lot of outdoor activities that visitors can enjoy. In addition to the waterfall, t-mates can also relax at the outbound and camping area.

Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by cool air and the sound of flowing water. A large parking area between the hill and tall trees makes the atmosphere so natural. Before entering the waterfall area, you need to get through the ticket checkpoint. Here, the staff will mark your bracelet as a sign that you have entered Coban Rondo area.

Lovely Atmosphere around Coban Rondo

Coban Rondo is a place that is often visited by local tourists. The location is not far from Mount Butak. You’ll see a lot of tall trees and clean flowing water on the river.

In addition to trees and rivers, t-mates can also see beautiful purple flowers that decorate this tourist spot. There is a gate around the waterfall area with two stone statues with the writing “Coban Rondo” on it. 

Beautiful Waterfalls

To reach the waterfall, you can walk from the gate for about 300 meters. Along the way, you will find seats to rest just in case you feel tired. There are also several prohibition boards that warn visitors not to pollute and act recklessly in this area. 

You will begin to hear the noise from visitors when you get close to the waterfall. Prepare yourself to see the beautiful scenery, alright!

Stunned. That is probably the first thing you will feel when you reach Coban Rondo waterfall. The swift flow of water from the very top to the bottom was very fast. The waterfall is about 84 meters tall.

Many visitors try to capture the moment here by taking a lot of photographs. The air feels so fresh when you’re there, even during the dry season. Around the area, you’ll see many prohibition sign boards aim to maintain the security and safety of visitors.



“In Javanese Coban means Waterfall, Rondo means Widow”


Apparently, there is a history behind Coban Rondo. If you want to know the history of Coban Rondo, you can look at the frame board near the waterfall that explains more about the waterfall.

A bride named Dewi Anjarwati got married with Raden Baron Kusuma. They want to visit Mount Anjasmoro even though their families forbid them. On the way there, they met someone called Joko Lelono who was captivated by the beautiful Dewi Anjarwati.

Joko Lelono challenged Raden Baron Kusuma to fight over Dewi Anjarwati. Finally, Raden Baron Kusuma told his aide to hide his wife in a place close by a waterfall and wait there. However, the two men died in a battle and Dewi Anjarwati became a widow (Rondo). She waited for her husband who never came to the waterfall.

Coban Rondo Photo Spots

Besides enjoying the beautiful view of the waterfall, you can also take pictures at several beautiful photo spots. One of the great photo spots is inside a boat made from wooden rattan with a view of Coban Rondo behind it. 

If you don’t bring a camera with you to take pictures, don’t worry! There is a photographer service that you can find around the waterfall. The photo can be printed instantly. Easy, right?


When coming to Coban Rondo, you don’t need to worry about the facilities around the tourist attraction. There is a prayer room for Muslims, separate for women and men. There is also a restroom.

Feeling hungry? Relax. There are many food stalls that sell traditional food. In addition, you can also buy snacks as souvenirs.

Interested to visit Coban Rondo?

Now you know the history of Coban Rondo, it’s time to explore the place yourself! Besides the waterfall, you can also walk to the hedge maze or labyrinth garden there. It is around 1 km away from the entrance gate. 

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