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Malang Series: 1 Day Voyage Around the World at Angkut Museum

Have you ever watched the movie Around the World in 80 Days? It tells you a story of two people traveling around the world for 80 days with a hot air balloon. Ever thought about doing the exact same thing in one day? Believe it or not, it’s possible. If you’re curious, keep reading through to find out!

Angkut Museum in Malang

angkut museum

This is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malang. You can see a large collection of vehicles from various eras in a place that has an area of ​​up to 3.8 hectares. No wonder that Angkut Museum got the title as the first largest transportation museum in Asia.

Located in Batu City, East Java, you have to travel approximately 20 km from the city center of Malang. If you want to get there easily, rent a car to make your journey faster and more efficient. Angkut Museum was inaugurated on 9 March 2014 and is managed by Jawa Timur Park Group.

angkut museum

The entrance fee that you have to pay is around 70,000 IDR on weekdays (Monday – Friday) and 100,000 IDR on weekends (Saturday – Sunday). Children with a height below 85 cm won’t be charged an entrance fee. However, it should be noted that if you wanna bring your own camera, you’ll be charged an additional fee of 30,000 IDR per person.

See Various Classic Vehicles

Shortly after you enter the museum, you will be welcomed with many classic vehicles. There are various types of classic vehicles that can be seen in this area. One of them is the car and helicopter model used by Indonesia’s first President, Ir. Soekarno. Sounds cool, right?

angkut museum

In addition, there’s also a short description of each classic vehicle shown at the Angkut Museum. This is to make visitors aware of the history of each vehicle, making it a perfect destination as a family destination where you can bring your kids to play and learn here.

There’s another interesting area called Ford Corner. Are you familiar already with this famous automotive manufacturer from the United States? For t-mates who love automotive, here you can see the collection of classic Ford cars from year to year. Moreover, you’ll also find the miniatures on a large glass cabinet. So exciting!

Being a Racer of Formula 1

After passing through a collection of antique vehicles, you will continue your journey up to the second floor which is the Formula 1 area. Who doesn’t know this fast car racing sport? We believe you know some professional racers such as Michael Schumacher, Jim Clark, and Jackie Stewart.

angkut museum

If you want to be like them, here you can try the virtual game. You will take control of the steering wheel, gas and brakes like driving a real formula one car. Since it’s a fun thing to do, don’t be surprised when you see a long queue here!

You can also rent a racer style t-shirt and racing suit to take photos. This will be a great experience for you to feel like a real Formula 1 racer! There are various sizes for adults and young children, you only need to pay 20,000 IDR to rent the suit.

Time Travel to Chinatown and the Old Jakarta

angkut museum

After seeing some interesting vehicle collections, a trip around the world will begin. The first area you will visit is Chinatown and the old Jakarta. Lanterns and rows of the home-style typical architecture of China, makes you feel like you’re in the Mainland.

The red color dominates every building in this Chinatown area. Completed with mandarin writing and various metal tools, every detail is neatly arranged. Take a lot of photos here because the background is really Instagrammable!

In front of Chinatown, you will see various buildings in the old Jakarta style. With a thick Betawi culture, banners with the Betawi language, and old-style transportation. If you want to buy typical snacks such as the egg crust, you can get it here at traditional-designed cafes around.

Mafia-style Atmosphere in Gangster Town

angkut museum

Your journey around the world isn’t over yet, t-mates! Now you will enter the Gangster Town area. Here you will feel the atmosphere like in mafia movies, for example, The Godfather. From the buildings to the transportation around, you’ll completely feel like in a Gangster Town.

Do you want to look like a mafia and take photos in this area? Sure you can, as you’ll find a barbershop that offers haircuts a la American mafia! Not only that, but there are also gangster-style costume rentals that will make you look even cooler.

Exploring European Countries

1. Italy Area

After walking through the Gangster Town area, now you’re going to start your European journey! The first country you will visit is Italy, which is famous for having world-class culinary from pizza to spaghetti. You’ll be welcomed with Italian songs as you walk in the area.

angkut museum

Here you can see the buildings with the bright wall color and hanging plant decoration. The best part is that you’ll also get to enjoy cars produced by Italian automotive manufacturers such as Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Don’t forget to take a photo in front of a large mural wall depicting the atmosphere of the city of Italy.

2. France Area

So, who doesn’t know the romantic country, France? Also commonly known as the city of lights, here you can find buildings and ambience like you’re in Paris. The mural with Parisian styles, beautiful flowers in a flower shop, and stunning artistic paintings.

Besides taking Insta-worthy photos, you can also go to Café de Paris, which offers a variety of French-style culinary. One of the foods that can buy is croissants or crispy French bread. Sitting in a cafe enjoying French food, making you feel like you’re the real Parisian in Paris!

3. Germany Area

angkut museum

Now you’ll be moving to Germany! Do you know the history of the fall of the Berlin Wall? Yes, this historic event that reunited the countries of West Germany and East Germany is one of the important moments in world history. Here, you can see a replica of the Berlin Wall.

Just like the previous areas, you’ll also find cafes with the typical German atmosphere and design. Germany is famous for its beer and there’s an annual beer festival that has become one of the most important events in Germany called Oktoberfest. The cafes around here are designed like you’re in one of the Oktoberfest tents.

4. The United Kingdom Area

angkut museum

The last European country that you’ll go through is the United Kingdom with London as its capital city. Famous as one of the countries that have diverse ethnic communities and pop culture worldwide, no wonder Britain is a favorite destination for travelers around the world. Come to Angkut Museum and you’ll feel the London atmosphere right in front of you!

Additionally, you can also enjoy the majestic front view of Buckingham Palace. The replica of a large white palace here can make you feel like you’re entering a beautiful royal complex. There is a fountain with a golden statue adorning the center of the palace. Don’t forget to take pictures around the park filled with beautiful flowers and white horse carriages.

Interested to Go? Let’s Discover Malang!

Now you know that it’s possible for you to travel around the world in just one day, by visiting Angkut Museum in Malang. Besides that, there are many interesting activities to do there, such as exploring the hedge maze at Coban Rondo and going around the Batu city. Let’s plan your vacay to Malang!