Chichibu Night Festival


A Guide to Chichibu Night Festival in Japan

Colors and traditions can be seen from the festival held in a country. In Japan, there is a well-known festival called Chichibu Night that is going to take place soon. Chichibu Night Festival is one of the most famous hikiyama (float festivals) in Japan. Other similar festivals are Gion Festival in Kyoto and Takayama’s autumn and spring festivals.

During the festival, the floats are decorated with lanterns, gilded wood carvings and tapestries. The streets are full of people selling food and amazake (sweet rice wine). It is a perfect time to try some rice wine while eating snacks to combat the cold December night.

Chichibu Night Festival

To know more information about the spectacular Chichibu Night Festival, we’ve summed up the complete information for t-mates.

What You Need to Know about Chichibu Night Festival

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When and Where

December 2 and 3

Time: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Central Chichibu, just outside Chichibu and Seibu-Chichibu stations.

Why Attend Chichibu Night Festival

Chichibu Night Festival

If you are looking for an extraordinary event in Japan, Chichibu Night Festival is the one you shouldn’t miss. Over the years, the festival has attracted massive crowds from all over the world. Tourists and locals come to Chichibu city to witness this traditional Japanese festivals and beautiful non-stop fireworks display.

Basically, the festival has everything you could ask for in a Japanese festival: fireworks, float, food stalls, performances. The fireworks run continuously from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. You should come to see this one of a kind festival that has taken place for 300 years! It has a long history and tradition. The festival was named a UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

On Dec 2, four floats (Miyaji, Kamimachi, Nakamachi and Honmachi) will start moving around the city main street in the morning. There are different types of floats. One with a large umbrella, decorated with ornamental flowers on the roofs. The other is equipped with curtains and stages for Kabuki performances.

The large floats are weighing up to 20 tons each. It is a rare opportunity to see countless lanterns, flowers, fireworks and Kabuki performances at the same time. So, don’t forget to bring your camera, t-mates!

Chichibu Night Festival

The main event takes place on December 3 when the floats are being pulled through the streets towards the city hall from around 19:00 pm. There are musical bands and dancers that continuously perform until the event ended at around 22:00 pm. As the night comes, the city will get more crowded.

After the event ends, tourists and locals mostly go back to catch a Train to Tokyo. This is because Chichibu is a small town that only have limited accommodation options.

How to Get to Chichibu City

Chichibu is about two hours from Tokyo. To get to Chichibu by train, the nearest station is Seibu Chichibu Station on the Seibu Railway Seibu Chichibu line.

If you’re coming from Tokyo or Shinjuku station, you need to go first to Ikebukuro Station via JR or Tokyo Metro and then take a Seibu Railway express train from Ikebukuro. Keep your eye on the train so you can get back to town in time.

Strolling in Tokyo in December? Visit Chichibu Night Festival!

Coming to Japan is never boring because the country has a rich tradition and culture. Try to do something new in December by coming to Japan’s famous festival, Chichibu Night Festival. It is going to be a memorable experience for t-mates!

Japan is full of interesting places. For instance, in Tokyo, you can visit beautiful temples, strolling around at a pretty park or play with your kids at the Tokyo Disney Sea. Let’s plan a trip to Japan soon!