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    5 Best Family Attractions in Bandung to Visit With Kids

    Tourist Attractions in Bandung

    5 Top Tourist Attractions in Bandung – Bandung is one of the favorite cities in Indonesia for local tourists to spend their holiday at. If you want to have a fun holiday with your family, there are many tourist attractions in Bandung that are suitable for you. If you don’t know where you want to […]

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    7 Best Spots to Visit in Italy This Summer, Let’s Find Out!

    Best Spots in Italy on Summer

    Best Spots in Italy on Summer – With so many destinations across the globe to choose from, you might be thinking of where to go this summer. Why not consider visiting Italy? Whether you’re on a family vacation or on a honeymoon trip, going to Italy on summer is a perfect choice because it has […]

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    7 Best Jakarta Street Foods, Cheap and Tasty!

    Jakarta Street Foods

    Jakarta Street Foods – Jakarta is a big metropolitan city with many skyscrapers and modern buildings. Despite being known as a city with high living costs and expensive food prices, Jakarta is also filled with delicious street foods that can be found in almost every corner of the street. Eating traditional street foods is very […]

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    7 Interesting Facts About Capital City of Indonesia, Jakarta

    Jakarta, a metropolitan city that is everyone to be dreamed about to be lived in. As the center of business and government, Jakarta is one of the busiest and most populous cities in the world. In order to celebrate the birthday of this beloved city, do you want to know some interesting facts about this […]

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    How to Get tiket.com Hotel 492 Promo? Find the Answer Here!

    Hotel 492 Promo

    First of all, tiket.com would like to say, Happy 492nd Anniversary our beloved Jakarta! Here’s to a more developed Jakarta, and for a more prosperous capital city of Indonesia. Well, since it is still in the glory of the 492nd Anniversary of Jakarta, tiket.com wants to announce that there’s a good news for all t-mates. […]

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    It’s Jakarta Anniversary! Stay at Finest Hotels, Only 492K IDR*!

    Happy Anniversary Jakarta! Time flies so fast, t-mates. Now our beloved Jakarta City celebrates the 492nd anniversary! As Jakarta is turning a year older, let’s make a wish for the more prosperous Jakarta! Well, what about you, t-mates? What are your best wishes that you wanna convey for Indonesia’s capital city? Do you agree that […]

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    6 Places in Jakarta for Spicy Food Lovers, Come and Try!

    Spicy Food Jakarta

    Spicy Foods in Jakarta – Some people love spicy food, but some others just can’t handle it. Many people like the pleasure of eating spicy foods because the stinging sensation in their tongue, or the feeling of burning in their body.  If you are one of those foodies who love eating spicy food, come to […]